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    Challenges are everywhere in life to be a middle-class

    Middle-class families face problems everywhere in society. You see it yourself as a middle-class wedding groom, you don't fall for the required demands of the girls, as a lover you will fail in most cases.
    As a middle-class student, you will not get your minimum required facility for study. As a middle-class parent, you can't please anyone even you try your best. And surviving as a middle-class old life is the most painful situation, one can see it in society.
    So living a middle-class life means living a life of hardship and embarrassment.
    What do you think?
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    That is true. Middle-class people will not get any help from the government as their income is above the poverty level. They can't live like a poor person. They always compare themselves with higher income level families and suffer. They can't make both ends meet.
    Many of these middle-class people work in private companies and salaries will be less only. Their expenses and income will never match. So they go for loans and repaying them is an uphill task for them. During pandemic poor families were given free ration. But middle-class people did not get that. They couldn't get the wages also as the organisations are closed due to lockdowns. Their lives were in a very shabby position those days.
    In this society, the major sufferers are middle-class people only. Nobody is having sympathy for them. I know some middle-class families that are always on the lookout for loans even for their day to day expenses also. The governments should think about these people ad see how best they can help these people.

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    Yes middle class are the most bombarded lots in the society and right from the morning of life until the evening of death, we are being targeted and squeezed for money no matter we have or not. In fact the country has been surviving on middle class, as we raise no voice and sustain all the taxes imposed on us. Our salaries and daily wages are same, but the cost of living is changing and galloping in fast pace, and some are into the groove, and many are adjusting with one square meal per day. The life style has become more austerity for the middle class as the festivals are curtailed, no more outdoor eating, no visiting to places, no visiting to relatives and friends and the life has become boring and wanted drastic changes. We cannot vent voice, we are suppressed a lot because we have no strength but only big heart to agree.
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    Middle class people always complain about their situation in the society especially the financial condition. But if we see the condition of the poor people then middle class is definitely better than them. It is only a question of with respect to whom we are comparing ourselves as a middle class. As a middle class if we compare ourselves only with the rich and affluent people then we will always be in a miserable state cursing our luck day and night.
    Another thing is in today's world middle class is not a narrow zone. In fact we can divide middle class in three parts upper middle class middle class and lower middle class. Frankly speaking only the lower middle class is having some difficulties like those which are narrated in this post by the author.

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