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    Civility has a role everywhere in our lives

    Civility has a role everywhere in our lives. This is one characteristic that can make our lives easy, happy, and pleasant. For example if a quality service provider provides his services in a courteous and polite manner then the customers would never desert him and will be taking services only from him. Another example is that of an office or workplace where the boss is very cordial and takes care of the interests of the employees and at the same time employees are also obedient and loyal to the organization.
    There are umpteen number of examples where we can see that civility has a great role to play everywhere in our society.
    It is obvious that for the growth and progress of a nation, the societies comprising it should have civilized structure and a friendly interaction between the different communities living in it. Following civility in all the aspects is the only way to progress ahead and achieve development.
    This is my entry for the month end TOW contest on 'civility'.
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    Civility is very important for human beings to have a smooth sailing of their lives. If a person helps you and if you say thank you politely, the other person will feel happy and show interest to help you always. Some people feel it is their right to get help from others and never responds positively to the person who helped them. Like this, the civility of an individual is very important in every walk of our lives. We can give many examples to show that civility plays an important role. There are people who behave rudely with other persons. No person will think of approaching him for any help.
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    The author has well connected the tow topic with behavioralpatterns at different places which can guarantee peace and pleasant atmosphere to deal with. But what we have been experiencing with the mobile data providers that they are making hey while the sun shines , that having noticed people opting for OTT viewing, they increased the data rates and now that many states want to throw open the theaters , the mobile data rates are being reduced. So civility lacks here. And the boss at the office was never cordial to everyone and they are selective to few employees to whom they paid full salaries even during the lock down and for others they disappointed. This kind of selective approach cannot be considered as civility. But friendly interaction and action is possible provided the persons at the other end thinks people are important.
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