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    If the offices and factories allowed to work 3 shifts to cope up covid losses ?

    It is known fact that the offices and factories were shut down across the country and even in many countries the workers were off from the duties and were not paid with the salaries or got half pay. In this backdrop many orders were not honored and the back log still continues. If the offices and factories are allowed to work 3 shifts again there are every chance to cope up covid losses for sure. Moreover the employees who stood by the time can be compensated with great orders and income through it. This is the time the companies pay back the sincere employees. Any comment ?
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    Mohan, There is no point in offices working for 3 shifts. They will not have sufficient staff. There are some offices working only at night as their HOs overseas works during those hours.
    Many factories work one shift or two shifts or three shifts as per the requirement. They will have the required permissions from the governments as well as they will have the required staff and workforce also. It all depends on the demand for the products. Orders lost 2 years back may not be obtained again this year. The position depends on the present-day requirements.
    No manufacturer will leave any order if he is having any chance of supplying the same. So they will accept the order and then plan all the requirements and see that they will supply the material on time. So factories prefer working as per their requirement. This is a very well known factot

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    Multiple shifts are useful in the places where job volume is sufficient. In such cases the company can hire more people and design the shift pattern accordingly.
    One interesting thing regarding shift pattern is that there is an inherent resistance for 3 shift pattern in any organisation in any place until it is forced from the top. We can see the example of call centres many of which run in 3 shifts but the employees are not happy and always complain about their periodic night shift duty.
    Most of the people in our country will try to get a job in the normal shift and only in exceptional situation they will go for 3 shift patterns.
    There are thousands of court cases pending in the courts but if someone suggests about shift duty in courts then there will be big resistance.
    In fact if sufficient job volume is there then the shift pattern is definitely one good way to generate employment for more and more people.

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    If the demand of the customers are for the larger volumes of the end products, the manufacturers would ensure the availability of manpower in all the three shifts to augment production so as to maintain the demand schedule. Though the quality is the important parameter to satisfy the customers but apart from that the customers would need the quality products to enhance the effectiveness of the products including its longevity and durability.
    If the demands are sluggish in nature, the management would stick to one shift only for producing the materials. If the pattern of demand does not improve with the time, the management would think of curtailing the manpower for the effective utilisation of their expenses.

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    Many employees who left for home town have returned back to work and ready to work in shifts.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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