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    By drinking hot water, will that reduce our immunity strength?

    Normally we have water stored in the flask or the pet bottles carried with us for the work place and other areas we move to quench the thirst. But for the past four days the climate is too chill and cool and feel like having hot water and that would give the feel good factor to drink. However there has been apprehensions that having habituated to have cold water all these days and suddenly reverting to hot water would tell upon the immunity of the body. Even the elders would like to have hot water for sure and not cold water to drink. By drinking hot water, will that reduce our immunity strength?
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    No worry. You can drink warm water. Water need not be heated too much. Just lukewarm water is sufficient. Not only now in any season drinking normal temperature water is always better. It is not good to drink chilled water. At the same time, very hot water is also not good. Many doctors suggest drinking boiled and then cooled water. As far as my knowledge goes there is no relation between immunity levels with the water you drink. But frequently changing is not advisable. I always prefer filtered water at room temperature for drinking.
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    Consuming chilled water is not desirable but the temperature of the eater being consumed should be at least lukearm so that it doesn't affect digestion system. Taking cold water disturbs the digestion mechanism and as such this aspect This aspect has to be taken care of.
    The best way of taking lukewarm water is one hour after taking the principal meal so that digestion takes place smoothly.

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    Drinking hot water will not reduce the immunity of our body. In fact in ayurvedic and natural system of medicines it is recommended to use slightly hot water whenever we feel thirsty. Drinking 2-3 glasses of hot water in the early morning is said to be very useful for our health and it removes the toxicity accumulated in our body during the night time.
    In summer time one will not relish the hot water so the normal water can be taken but the chilled water is to be avoided at any cost. The natural system of medicines does not advocate taking of chilled water at any time of the year.

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    Too hot or too cold, both types of water do not prove beneficial for the body. Only lukewarm water is known to be the most appropriate, although water is beneficial for the body in every form, still people should not be careless. As far as immunity is concerned, it cannot be said with certainty because immunity is a physiological process of increasing the body's ability to fight viruses and this system keeps on building itself, in which much external nutrition also Contribution is there but whose amount depends on the person's immune system.

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    Normally elders seek hot water to drink and that is soothing to their throat and body.
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    Normally the water contagious is more in almost all areas. To avoid this elders advised to have hot water to drink. Especially during medication the hot water is suggested to consume more rather than normal water. The digestion possibility is more in hot water. Hot water reduces the fat in our body when we take ghee or curd and like items and instead of swallowing digestive tablets we can consume hot water.
    In the hospital run by the Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatha Trust located in Udupi, they are keeping stainless steel drums at every point which is regularly filled by hot water for the in-patients. The doctors advised the patients and attendants normally to consume hot water.
    We can have hot water with cumin seeds in almost all hotels of Kerala State.
    For those have heavy meals in houses of own or relatives or outside and we get digestion problem avoided when we consume hot water especially with cumin seeds.

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