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    If one knows more, then there is no harm in learning.

    If you don't know something, there is no harm in accepting it and learning it. There were some people in a group, one of whom was a teacher and others from different fields and were younger than the teacher in age. Everyone was giving respect to the teacher and was asking him questions for general knowledge. The teacher gives correct answers to many questions, but then some such questions come where the knowledge of the teacher falls a bit but the teacher does not want to accept this and starts giving wrong answers. Only then one of the other boys gives a proper answer to him, after which the teacher leaves in displeasure. Wasn't this behavior of the teacher wrong? The generation that is coming now is very advanced and in many cases, their knowledge may be more because they are more attracted towards practical knowledge, in such a case it is possible that in some cases the student may have more information than the teacher if the situation arises then one should accept it.
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    A teacher is not expected to know everything. When someone does not know the answer to a question, it is better to accept the fact whether it is a teacher or someone else. In the classroom situation, it sometimes happens that the teacher may go wrong in solving a problem or in clearing the doubt of a student. In such a situation, some teachers manage the situation without accepting the fact that the teacher himself is not aware of the answer while the others accept the fact and will tell the class that in the next class the doubt will be cleared. Unfortunately, in the present days, the number of students who ask questions in the classroom is nil orvery less.
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    Knowledge is like an ocean. No one can grab it fully. One can have a very good knowledge but still there will be occasions when one will be learning from others and one should not feel shy of this. We should not hesitate in learning from others.
    A teacher may be expert in his subject but if a student is bringing something new then the teacher should be patient enough to listen to the student and admire that and accept that without having any feeling in his mind. That is the sign of a good teacher.

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    For that matter learning is the continued process and if someone says they qualified the exams and now no more to learn and they got wisdom from the studies, probably they are living in the fools paradise. When we discover new things, new ideas, new matters across the globe that only indicates that knowledge is growing and people are working on various means and options to give the best to the society and we need to get updated. If one knows less, obviously he is far behind in learning and the process must be very fast to learn many things. If the one knows more, then he must learn the branch subjects so that subject knowledge can be shared with many with appropriate examples. This way one can learn and even disseminate information to others and thus education and learning goes hand in hand for ever.
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    There is no rule that a teacher should know everything. Definitely, the teacher may not have the knowledge of certain subjects and he should not pretend as if he knows everything and start giving wrong answers. It is always better to accept that he is not aware of the answer and try to learn from the people who are aware of the correct answer.
    Many times we learn many things from people who are much younger than us also. One should not think that people who are less in age than us don't know anything better than us. I may be good at chemistry but I don't know much about the Sanskrit language. But my younger brother knows Sanskrit better. So when there are some doubts, I never hesitate to call him and ask him my doubts. My science teacher who was a B.Sc, B.Ed., did M.Sc under QIP. He used to come to me in the university when I was doing my Ph D and used to ask me about various doubts he was having in the subject.

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    A teacher is not supposed to answer all the questions correctly even though he has sufficient experience in his teaching line. Sometimes he may err and might not be familiar with the latest developments or modifications which has taken place recently. However, the teacher should not be hurt for his ignorance. Learning is a continuous process and it never ends throughout out lives. This is also applicable for the teacher. He might have deep knowledge in a particular subject but it is quite possible that he has not taken interest of the latest additions incorporated in his own subject and it would not be surprising that his own student has acquired enough knowledge in the same subject with his self studies.

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    Yes. Brightness in one is not unique. A dried leave itself becomes a herb. A dried stick is used for firing. Everything has its own value. The person from whom we are learning a thing or new thing is called Guru. Guru means the person who removes darkness in us.
    Poet Kabir Das told once that he had so many Gurus in his life, that is he learnt many things from many persons.
    I remembered my lesson studied in third standard, King Solomon and Queen Sheeba learned the regularity in moving from ants as we can see ants go in perfect queues.
    I read in another lesson about savings from ants through the grasshopper and ant story.

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