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    When it comes to money commitment why people are evasive ?

    There are instances when a job work is given and a specific amount has been committed by the person but when the job is completed and when the time comes to money commitment why people are evasive ? The dignity of labor is never respected and the person who worked on the task would have lots of expectations and planning to have the money , but having the postponing attitude on the matter would further aggravate the issue as to what could be the reason for not paying. Here when the work was completed, satisfaction has been expressed, then what is preventing them to pay the amount. At least they should respond and say something regarding the payment date. Any comment ?
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    There are many people who get the work done by the agencies or individuals but when it comes to the making of payment for their job done they start making some excuses that right now they are not in a position to give money and they will be paying after 10-15 days or other such execuses. This is really in a very bad taste and we can't believe such people in our future transactions with them.
    That is the reason that many service providers or individual service providers are nowadays taking some advance before doing the jobs so that if there is any delay in making the final payment then at least some part of it is already received by them in advance.
    Some reputed and branded service companies take the full amount in the beginning itself.
    In some people there is a tendency of differing the payments and it is obvious that we should be alert and cautious while transacting with them.

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    That is too bad. Having promised, it is the duty of the individual to pay the people whatever amount they have promised once the work is done. Some people try to delay the payment or try to reduce the amount. This is a very wrong practice. Seeing this tendency only some people started asking our stagewise payment so that at least 80 to 90% payment is assured by the time the work is completed.
    How we plan our expenses and income, the other party will also do the same thing. Many employees face problems if they have not received their salary by the due date. The same is the problem with others. So we should not indulge in such unwanted practices. If we do such practices slowly people will not come and services to us and we will face different problems.

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    We have a lot of excuses for the late payment though initially during the procurement of a product, we make a tall promise in making the payment promptly., But once the material is received and now is the time for payment, they will request to have some more time to settle for the final payment. This really reflects the bad taste of the people of making excuses for one thing or the other.
    The service providers are aware of the attitudes of the people and as such they have changed their payment modes with their insistence for the full advance once the orders are placed. By doing so, they want to be safe in terms of procurement of payments. They would not like to remain at risk if the payment is delayed.

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    This often is the case. Recently I offered a few cash to someone but now he seems to be less bothered about returning it. Although I do not enjoy asking for a return, when approached for it then he wants to have some more time.

    For me, I do not worry much about those kinds of people and for sure will take care next time.

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    Money is a true assessor. It has been told in one question answer portion in a magazine, while answering a question: how can judge one as a good friend, the reply found as,' Ask him 500 rupees debt from him. If he is not a true friend he will get vanished.' Of course there are people cheating the others who helped in need hours. My aunt took pity on a person who was serving with cooking business, gave her house side portion for lower rent but he after dragging for three months, went away by vacating without paying any rent for the occupied months.

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