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    Train your mind to shy away from expecting unwanted things

    It is the fact that we have been highly influenced by the market behavior, recommendations from relatives and friends, and above all we want something new but we must always train our mind to shy away from purchasing unwanted things. Some people when they get enhanced salaries or good pay on shifting to new jobs, their purchasing power also increases and we can see their behavioral pattern also changes to purchase something which is not required at the present juncture. Do not waste money by expecting unwanted things. What is your thought ?
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    As the income increases our purchasing power increases. But we should keep in mind that today we are having the job, by any chance if there is some problem and our income will reduce, then how can we manage our lives? So we should always think of saving some money and then spend the remaining money. Wasting money unnecessarily is not a good trait. We need not sleep empty stomach at the same time we need not waste food. We should be always doing the balancing act.
    I have seen some people who will go for purchases even though the item is not required immediately. They think that that may come in handy afterwards. Some people may hesitate to purchase essential items also even though they have money. Both practices are not correct.

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    When the earnings of a person increase then naturally he will be thinking to buy those items for which he was yearning for a long time. Till that point it is alright as buying the things for one's use is a normal thing. But the problem comes when we start buying the items which are either duplicate or frankly speaking might not be required at all in our household. What happens is that these things get accumulated in our house and then slowly that turns out to be a clutter and then it becomes so disordered and shabby that we do not get an important item from that heap of things when it is required at some time for using it for some urgent work. In my opinion excess shopping without using our minds is a disastrous thing and we must avoid our thoughts in the direction of buying unwanted items.
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    Increase of income should also induce for future savings no matter it may be small amount.
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    We should make a habit to spend within our earnings and we have to ensure that that our expenditure is within the limits of our earnings. If such a practice is followed, we would not be entrapped in the debt. Any savings from our income can be utilised for future expenditure such as construction of a building at the later stage after our retirement when we have to leave the company quarter. Education has been expensive and any savings would save us from taking loan for the education purposes for our children. Lastly who knows how much money would be required for the treatment of self and our family members in the future. There is a limit beyond which insurance companies are not sanctioning money for a particular disease.

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