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    In what ways can the children be made more environmentally conscious?

    We really have a big way to go in terms of protecting the environment. Day in and day out, we are hearing some disaster or the other and most of these are related to man's quest to virtually occupy areas that are reserved for animals or are classified as forests.

    The laws related to environment are bent to satisfy the whims and fancies of a few industrialists. At the city level, the lakes have all gone and man has illegally occupied every single lake to construct flats and apartments. The vast middle-class is as guilty as the politicians as everyone is into this game. When the rains come, naturally, every single area is flooded. All this happens because of the greed of man -- whomsoever it is.

    Now, the vital task of educating the youngsters in schools and colleges should be immediately taken up. The 'how" of this task is indeed complex and Members may share their own unique references. Of course, it is also true that these same students may become IT professionals and run around with their laptops, virtually forgetting whatever happens around them. In that case, they become part of the rat race without even understanding a bit of damage done to the environment. Obviously, we need to involve the judiciary far more than what is going on now.

    There are disturbing reports of corruption in the judiciary, but that is the only last resort to stem the ways of the rich and the famous, who are so keen to destroy mother nature.

    Members may please share their views on this vital task.
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    In fact the present education is also giving ample awareness about safeguarding our lakes and forests and not to allow to destroy them in the guise of making development of new homes. But the children are merely taught and not induced to take action. There are NCC groups in the school and it is the para military training being given at the school level to safeguard the nation in own way. When the national properties like the lakes and forests are destroyed and made way for concrete jungle the students have every right to raise the voice. And any movement started by students always successful and had the full support of the right thinking people and even parties would join them in big way. But the students get demotivated at the home and school for not going overboard on any issues and thus matter goes to zero of no protest.
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    Caring and conservation of the environment is a crucial thing for our survival and there is a great need of educating people for it. Everyone has to be alert and cautious on the matters of environment and educating the students will only be helpful when the adults also become a party to environmental protection and put up examples in front of their children. There are some industries which are not following the environmental regulations and due to corruption in Govt they are also not getting punished for that. So if we want environmental concerns to be taken care then the governance of the Govt has to be improved on all fronts associated with the environment protection and it is obvious that citizens will also follow the rules and regulations in that situation. Telling and teaching youngsters will always be helpful but my point is simply that the whole of the society and Govt together can achieve this herculean task. This is a gigantic problem and is to be handled in a collective way only.
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    It is in our, elders, hands. I used to remove the long sticks, thorny sticks, nails, iron rods on the road either by my hand or leg whenever I see on the road. By seeing this, my brother's daughter who came with me regularly does remove them if she sees so. Similarly, she saw the papers as printed receipts inside the ATM, she used to remove them and put them into the dustbin whenever I took her to use the ATM for my purpose. If we do something environmentally conscious, and so do our children, others also automatically start doing. In one Tamil Cinema, MGR song is there, 'Naadenna seithathu namakku endru ketpathu etharku, nee enna seithaai atharku?' This means- What have we done for our country when unnecessarily questioning what our country did for us?.

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    Environmental awareness is very important. Before educating the children, elders should follow the rules of the land and see that there will not be any abuse of the environment. We eat and throw the waste on the road. The small kid following us will also do the same thing. Instead of that if we take that waste and put it in a dustbin, the child will also do that. That is how elders should start teaching the kids. The kid can be asked to plant a tree and see that the kid will water it daily. That will give him discipline in planting trees and seeing that they will grow properly. While overseeing the work of the kid, the elders can teach and explain to them the importance of tree plantation, their uses and losses of deforestation to them. When the kid sees the growing tree, he/she will become happy and try to plant more and more trees. In the same way, we can teach them the good habits one should follow and see that they will put them into practice.
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