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    Civility is what does not let you forget manners even when you are alone.

    Perhaps the word civility has importance in every field, but a slight change in its meaning is also natural. If we talk about any religious place, then that civility says that along with the respect of God, we should also maintain the respect of those people who are working in the service of God, but not only that, we should do talk in a loud voice or anger with anyone.

    The same if we talk about any other area, such as a police station, then the civility of there is that, give respect to the officers of high rank, do not speak in a loud voice to seniors but it will fine to speak loudly for all other criminals, whether the criminal may be the leader of the religion, a politician of a country, or any other ordinary person. Their law is of utmost importance and one who is civil according to the law will be the best example of civility.

    In this way, we can probably see the different looks of civility according to different people, regions. But what is civility in the eyes of a particular person and does he/she follow the definition that they give for civility even when they are alone, that is, when no one else is paying attention to them but they try to keep their civility themselves. Most of the people are living a pretentious life just to show the world but don't pretend to adopt civility, but adopt it from the heart.

    No matter where we are, even when there is no one around us, but then we know that we are a civil people and we know our dignity, suppose that no one sees but we are always looking at ourselves and when we If you live your life with civility, you feel proud of yourself every moment.

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    I fully agree with the author that politeness, courtesy, good manners, and nice behaviour all these good traits should come from the heart and not to be done for the purpose of show off. Our behaviour should be consistent and orderly in all the places that we visit whether it is a temple or an office or a public meeting etc.
    A society can be said to be truly civilised when all the members of the society respect each other and behave with each other in a harmonious and disciplined way. If we are behaving with someone in a better way just to please him or as a temporary measure to get some work done from him then that is not the correct way of exhibiting good manners and that would be categorised as deception and not as a courteous behaviour.
    We should adopt good practices in our behaviour instead of adopting deceptive methods.

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    The author has brought in varied parameters of how civility would affect the person based on the place and the opposite person to whom the matter is dealt with. Those who have drawn their wisdom from the nurture of childhood till the great age, the civility thus inculcated would continue for ever. Our behavior depends with person and the place and that does not mean that we are not following the civility and it is always embedded with us. By virtue of our qualification and education, we do behave with caution with others, and if the respect is not getting, we tend to behave differently and that is no way connected to our civility. Even at police station they would over power everyone at first instance so that they show their position, later on they understand that mistake has been done and trend cautiously.
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    Civility should be a part and parcel of our behaviour irrespective of the place where we are and with whom we are. If You are very polite with the district collector. At the same time, you need to be good with the servant there. You need not shout or show off before him.
    similarly, when we go to a temple we will talk very politely with the priest. But we should also maintain the same politeness with the person who is asking you to be in the queue and move fast. You need not belittle him or shout at him as he is asking you to move fast. He is performing his duty.
    One thing is true that a civilised person should be civilised only instead of changing his ways and means based on the circumstances and environment. Our inner self should get satisfied and it should say that we are civilised. A good thought by the author and my appreciation to her for the idea.

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