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    Have patience to get over any problem

    A couple of days ago, I met with an elderly couple both of whom are 80 plus now. The topic was the COVID variant and obviously the youngsters in that household were disturbed. They have a fear that the wave will be back and all sorts of restrictions will be back.

    The elderly man retorted saying that when he was young, the country was going through a famine and rice itself was sold only through ration shops. Today, according to him, we produce more vegetables and fruits and rice and wheat than what we need. COVID or no no COVID, the world will go on, he said. He said the most important thing is to have patience. He also lamented that today, patience and tolerance are at an all time low. He would know. When the boom prompted investment in the risky stockmarket, he warned his own son. The latter lost a big amount of six hundred thousand rupees, whereas the father had never gone beyond post office schemes. He had purchased land on the outskirts of a big city and today, that same plot is selling like gold.

    Indeed, patience is something we all need. Impatience will take us nowhere.
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    There is no substitute of patience in our lives. It is seen that people who have a good amount of patience in their lives are happy, contented, and successful in many respects as compared to those people who are not having patience.
    The interesting thing about patience is that it comes with experience. People who have seen the ups and downs in their lives and have seen the poverty also for sometime in their lives are said to be more experienced and more patient than others.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In Tamil there is a big saying that "Poruthaar bhoomi azhwar" that means those who had the patience always ruled the world. and that is very much right. When other countries got over panic on the Covid situation, India could draw patience and go through the trauma in its own way and today we boast of achieving great vaccination drive done for the elders, or else many would have died. The patience of governance and the patience of the people have to be appreciated. Regarding losing on stock market and investing wisely on the land, it is always good to invest in land because, the land would never deceive, whereas as the stock market behaviors are subject to political developments and larges extended by the govt. So the old man was right and he gained good in investing in the land and the son was wrong who lost on stocks.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Patience is the essential parameter to know the entire details of any work and if we loose patience in between we may loose to know the different aspects of a job. Even in course of public dealing, it is very essential to maintain calmness and should explore the possibilities to be familiar with the different aspects of the events for which we would like to converse with the party. If patience is lost, the talk would proceed in the different direction and we may not be familiar with the other aspects of the assignment and in that way, our perception needed to perform would not be clear.

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    That is true. We should be patient enough to get the desired outcome. Immediately after putting raw rice and water, it will not get cooked. But it will take its own time to get properly cooked. When we plant a tree, it will take some time to continue its living and then start growing. You can't see the growth from Day 1 itself. You have to give sufficient time for the plant to expand its roots into the earth and to grow. If you have no patience and daily want to see the growth, the plant will not grow and ultimately may die also.
    At the same time in the name of patience, you should not become lazy and allow the issue to die down. From your side, you should do whatever you have to do and give sufficient time so that expected results will come. Hurry brings worry. So never be in a hurry. Give the required time to the task to get completed.

    always confident

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