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    When your friend takes a loan from you and does not return it

    We all have some friends in our lives. It is said that friends are a source of happiness and socialization in our lives. Human beings are gregarious in nature and they like to be with their friends for passing the time in a happy way.
    Generally, among the friends there are some transactions also which take place time to time like a friend taking a loan from other friend or a friend helping other friend in some other respect. These are very common things taking place in between the friends. But the problem comes when a friend takes a financial loan from other friend and then delays its repayment and in many instances tries to evade the friend or go away to someplace that the friend can not catch him. Naturally this creates a rift between the friends and the person who has given the loan feels that he has done a wrong thing by giving loan. Due to the past friendship he also hesitates in telling the friend to pay it immediately.
    Have you ever experienced such a situation?
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    In our religion we used to say that as long as there is no financial transaction between the two the life goes well and even the relations would flourish. But there are people who ask for money, and we oblige with the thought that they would return the same with situation improves and we need not ask them. But some of them take liberty that since we were well off and parted with money, they need not return the same as we are not expecting it to be on the survival mode. That is very bad thinking. Whether we are in good position or not, the given money should be returned back so that in future also when asked we would be ready to oblige the same. In fact there must be CRISIL kind of rating within the friends and relative on this matter, and that would keep tow on their forgetting to repay and that would surely benefit us.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan, your CRISIL kind of rating idea for rating the friends is unique and amazing but I doubt whether such a thing can be done in personal relations especially with friends.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Generally, it is good if money matters will not come in between friends. Where the money comes in chances of misunderstandings and difference of opinions comes in. When our friends are in problems and if we can help them financially we can help them without expecting anything in return. Whatever we spend we will spend and we will not expect him to give that money back. If he asks for a loan and we give him means he has to return it back. If the amount is small we will forget that if he is not returning and further we will not give him. If the amount is high and if he is not giving back we may have to ask him to return.
    We should analyse the situation of the friend before giving the money and we should take only calculated risk. If the friend is trying to avoid paying, we can't call such a person a friend and we have to go for proper action on such guys.

    always confident

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