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    Why cannot we be a responsible citizen?

    We have seen the very bad times during the second Covid wave and luckily we came out of that just a few months ago. Now worldwide another wave is emerging in many countries and cases in our country are also looking up. Due to various reasons like good number of people vaccinated, herd immunity etc we may not have a deadly third wave and it may also subside in a few months (at all if it comes), is not it our duty as a good and responsible citizen to avoid functions, gatherings, festivals, new year gala functions, marriage functions etc and cooperate with the Govt to face the rising threat of third wave. Why we should always wait for the Govt orders for curfew and other controls that would come in due course. What is our role as a citizen of this country? Are not we mature enough to take some social distancing and avoiding the crowd decisions at our own levels? Why should we wait for a policeman to come and tell and remind those things to us? Please share your views.
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    You are right. It is not only the government's responsibility to take care of Covid. It is we all who are equally responsible for spreading or stopping Covid. As many people have been vaccinated, they all become very casual and take the guidelines of Covid very lightly. From today onwards, all major 8 cities of Gujarat (Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Junagadh, and Gandhinagar) in order to remain protected from the Omicron. People need to be careful with all the social gatherings and follow the rules set by a state government or local municipal corporations to avoid spreading of Omicron virus. Thus, it is the moral responsibility of all. Let us stand with the government to fight against the Omicron and its spread in India. The world is facing huge rising cases. We thus, need to be extra careful.
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
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    Nice advice from the author. Yes we are all duty bound to draw our wisdom from the education we got regarding safeguarding ourselves and also keeping safe of others. When the government is providing the free vaccines, the people are reluctant to take and I have seen some news videos of remote village in Telangana where in the health workers are going for house to house campaign, and those who are not vaccinated are going for hiding and turning the health workers away. In one more video I have seen a person climbing the tree and wont come down for having the vaccine. These kind of tantrums would only aggravate the situation as already the third wave is starring at us and the people need to understand that because of their adamant attitude, they are putting the fellow citizens also at risk and this must be educated.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    The people need to be educated for their fear and apprehension regarding the vaccination and this has been witnessed among the people living in the villages. Once they see the health workers or any health representative approaching them, they will either hide themselves or protest aggressively so that they escape the situation of jabbing. Instead of of being thankful to such staffs, they would take a different approach. They need to understand the present situation when a new variant omicron would not spare us if we are not careful enough to tackle this variant which is rapidly spreading.
    This type of adamant attitude is putting others at risk and hence they need to be serious.

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    In one Tamil Cinema, MGR song is there, 'Naadenna seithathu namakku endru ketpathu etharku, nee enna seithaai atharku?' Which means What we have did for our country when unnecessarily questioning our country what did for us?.
    Similarly we do nothing but expecting from the Government.
    We ourselves bend to do something for the nation as a citizen without expecting everything from the Government. For example we should not leave our entrance of the house with water stagnated or dumped with garbage. Many people I am seeing throwing their garbage bags from upstairs to the dustbin on the road but it fells on the road scattered.
    I used to remove the long sticks, thorny sticks, nails, iron rods on the road either by my hand or leg whenever I see on the road. By seeing this, my brother's daughter who came with me normally, do remove them if she see so. Similarly, she saw the papers as printed receipts inside the ATM, she used to remove them and put into the dustbin whenever I took her to use the ATM for my purpose. If we do something with environmentally conscious, why our children, others also automatically start doing. Then our forthcoming generation will grow up with manners as a good citizen.

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    A true citizen should think in the lines mentioned by the author in his post. Attending functions, gatherings, Festival celebrations etc., can be continued next or the next to next year if we are safe and able to control the virus from expanding. It is your life and it is important for you. Why somebody else has to tell you about the importance of upkeeping your health. We should be following all the protocols so that we will be safe and we will keep others also safe.
    Today in the newspaper it was mentioned by a professor from IIT that the third wave is in offing and we will have the maximum number of cases in February 2022. So let us not take this lightly. Let us avoid gatherings. Let us not go out unnecessarily and never stop using masks even though we are fully vaccinated. If every one of us follows these things I think we will be safe and India may not see the third wave. Act responsible, avoid the third wave. Our country is already in problems and let us not contribute to bringing the position of the country from bad to worse

    always confident

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