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    When someone is silent, he is expressing many things to which we must gauge

    Normally when interaction takes between the persons either the yes or no or even words would come out either in support or opposing what has been said. But some people are so introvert to themselves as they would keep mum even after asking so many times , so many different ways and they would not reveal anything. In that case when someone is silent, he is expressing many things to which we must gauge, and we should not arrive at the wrong conclusion. It is generally construed that silence is the act of expressing acceptance, and that can be in many forms. That has to be known. Share your views.
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    Sometimes silence proves to be the best option than expressing our views. Silence conveys many things to the other party. Silence may be in acceptance of the views of the other persons. At times it may be a way to express our unhappiness also. When we are not convinced with the arguments of the other side instead of arguing and trying to change their viewpoint, we may opt out to be silent.
    But sometimes we may have to break our silence and should make others understand and accept our views. Otherwise, they will take a ride on us and try to overtake us. But when we express our views we need not be harsh and we can be polite but firm.
    If the other person is silent, don't think that he is out of the contest. He may be making his silent plans and may roar back at any time. Never write them off.

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    Most of the people answer or react to anything told to them or communicated to them but there are a few who just keep silent and do not disclose anything which might be going inside them. It becomes very difficult to gauge such people. They do not give us any seed or clue to know their view or mind about the issue about which we wanted to discuss with them. Generally these people are very deep and would not share their ideas or views with others. We should not take their silence as a sign of acceptance of the propositions we are offering them.
    Knowledge is power.

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