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    Aim the winning position, surpass the competitors, sustain the moment

    When we are in the competition of winning the life, our aim should be to achieve the top position of our dream which we have been envisaging to achieve since the childhood and plan the things accordingly. And on the way we would certainly meet the best competitors who would even throw challenges to us and we have to surpass them to remain in the winning spree. And once the competitors are left behind, we have to sustain the great moment of achievement and never come down from the peak of highest performance. This way the life would be progressing for true. Any comments please.
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    This is the topic that has been discussed here on this platform many times in different threads. One should make winning his habit. That will be exciting and make us more and more competitive and make us come out successfully in our endeavours.
    Dreaming alone will not give you success. Your sustained hard work in a real direction only will give us success. Determination and concentration in achieving the goal are very important for the individual. Nothing is more attractive than being successful.
    Hard work, a clear vision about the goal that we have to reach, proper thinking capabilities, unshattered focus on the subject will lead us to success.
    Even though we have all the required skills, if we are overconfident and never try to utilise all the required skills, we may not be successful. So success requires so much concentrated effort towards receiving the goal.

    always confident

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    To get a success in any mission would require a dedicated effort and without loosing time, we would have to focus on the the job. Dreaming alone would not result in a success but we have to take help of all the parameters which are needed in getting the success. Different resources are conveniently tapped at the different stage of doing work to attain the goal.
    Winning should be a kind of passion for the aspirants and that should be adhere to. There should be the clarity of the vision of the job to be attended.
    We need not be overjoyed that such jobs have been done successfully and we need fear this time. Such ways of thinking would be suicidal ultimately. Hence any task to be attended should be treated as the maidan task and should plug the loopholes which might lead to failures. Again the time management is the important skill in carrying out any job. Any delay on that account might be the source of our failures.

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    A very encouraging and motivating post by the author which would definitely help the people who are doing hard work and efforts for making a bright career in this competitive world. It is easy to say that win, achieve, and sustain but in a real life situation when we are competing with equally competent people around then it is not an easy thing to achieve whatever we wanted in our lives. Still it makes sense to work hard and do our best to improve our performance so that we also have a chance to rise to the top among a large number of equally qualified and able people.
    Knowledge is power.

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