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    Do not believe those who act like helping us but they are not

    There are people around us who pretend and try to help us to bail out from the crisis and we also take pride that someone is there to look after our well-being and we stop trying other sources. Suddenly the same person would plead ignorance and withdraw from the act of helping and we are already late to the problem and now we cannot even approach others as they cannot help in the middle. Please avoid such kind of people and do not believe those who act like helping us but they are not. Share your real life experience with those who made attempts to help but failed midway.
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    One should be able to understand the mentality of the person who is with us and pretend as if he is ready to help us. Some people are good and go all out to help us. But some people pretend as if they are here to help us only. But actually, when we want their help they will go unnoticed. They will be again on the scene when we are out of the problem and start telling us why they are away and what happened to him. With our experience, we will easily identify such persons and we should try to be away from them. Otherwise, we may have to pay a heavy penalty.
    When we have money with us many people will be around us and offer us many services. The moment you say you have no money, only true friends and people who are interested to help you will be with you. Never believe any out of the mouth words ofhelp. Be with the people who will have the quality of helping others and who express their heartfelt help to you.

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    When a person is in problem then it is natural to seek for help from various quarters. But we also must understand the reality of his world that here in general no one helps anyone until there is a close relationship or expectation of something in return is there. The world runs on a strict give and take principle and if that element is missing then expecting one sided help would be too much. Theoretically speaking we should not expect anything from anyone but in practical life it is not possible as sometimes adversities are there which force us to ask people to help us. We should also observe the attitude of the person helping us and should find out whether he had real intention and goodwill to help us or he is just pretending to do so just to keep us apparently happy and satisfied. Once we could find that then only we will know the truthfulness and sincerity in that helping gesture.
    Knowledge is power.

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    We should not take the promise of their help in totality but rather we should frame any opinion of such helping hands with our close observation for a long duration. We may come across many people pretending to us but we should not rely upon them completely. May be barring a few occasions they might have helped but they lack consistency. In the midst of crisis, they suddenly leave us without any notice giving us impression that they would soon join to bail out crisis. We should realise this fact that no-one would be interested to help you unless it is reciprocal in nature. If the man is our close relative, it would be different matter. We should be rather practical identifying the genuine persons who would stand with us in the hours of crisis and instead of running here and there for the help, we must take those reliable people in our confidence with the projection of the real issue with which we are suffering.

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    So drawing our own wisdom alone would bail out from the problems.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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