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    Kill the stress before stress kills you

    We are living in a world of tough competition and whether it is our studies or careers or jobs everywhere there is a tough and cut throat environment and one has to work hard to get through and progress ahead. In such a situation it is natural that some amount of stress would be generated and if it is generated in a large amount then obviously it may accumulate and start creating problems in one's life. Stress is a hidden enemy and it silently enters our lives and slowly accumulates and one day makes us helpless and miserable. So it is necessary that we should identify any element of stress coming in our lives and try to manage it in the beginning itself so that it can be nipped in the bud at that time itself.
    There could be many other ways also to manage the stress and contain it. Can you share some ideas in this matter?
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    The author has raised a very important topic and has rightly said that being over stressed for a prolong time will kill us provided we change our temperament to tackle this negativity. However the unfortunate part is that we become over emotional sometimes due to the reason beyond our control. It might be due to sudden demise of our close relative, who had been our close intimate in all our important jobs or the situation might be that we cannot sustain the strained relationship developed with our impatient boss having the habit of frequent firing for the minor lapses. There are other activities as well adding our tension for a while and these can be managed with self control. However there are some stages where the undue stress cannot be minimised even by diverting our minds. This is the stage where the stress enters into our life and if not controlled, we will be inviting the lifestyle diseases and with the time, it might be unmanageable. Hence the best recourse is not to take undue stress. A little modification in our life style including yoga or meditation may sometimes help in the alleviation of the stress.

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    Stress has become part and parcel of our life and we have to live with it but what kind of stress and what amount of stress we are undergoing is the matter to be discussed here. While doing the work, if that is systematic and well planned, probably no stress can bother us, but if the work is challenging, and having the involvement of others, then we are equally bothered about the outcome and that is more stressful. When we work and others who are also partner to the job takes light of their contributions would lead to incomplete and sometimes the work may even be stopped midway for no or nil inputs. Such things do happen and we are also blamed for not coordinating and cooperating to get the things done and that would give the challenging stress to us which tell upon our health for sure.
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    Modern days, many people are stressed and not able to come out of that stress due to their desires and aspirations. In the olden days, people use to think that it is always better to stand and drink water than run after milk. So they used to be satisfied with water ever they have and used to spend a happy life. But days are changed. These days people think that making hay while shun shines is better. So during their active life, they want to try maximum by working maximum and earn as much as possible. In this pursuit, they are getting stressed.
    The best way to avoid this stress is not to accept more work than what we can handle at one time. When we accept many works and we are not able to finish them within the time frame, our stress will increase. Another thing to be followed is don't keep all unnecessary issues in the mind and start thinking about them. The last one is not to bring your office work home. These days work from home is causing a lot of stress to the working people.

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