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    Can anyone help civility to file a civil lawsuit?

    It's enough! Civility has waited for long in the closet with a couple of like-minded fellows and you can say it is a kind of confinement. We were unable to keep ourselves confined properly during the lockdown and I know how restless people are everywhere and want to move out and enjoy with their friends but now just imagine the condition of civility as it remained confined for such a long time in a place where only a couple of people do enter daily. Civility thinks it's a house-arrest and doesn't know when it will be allowed to move out freely and maybe that's why making some plans. After all, civility has a great responsibility towards society to keep everyone within their limits. Civility has updated itself and keeps a tab on people who are crossing their limits, maybe using some gadgets for that, who knows. Civility also knows who are those trying their best possible ways to keep it confined. Civility is now planning to file a civil lawsuit against those people. Just one help it requires and it is a suitable lawyer to file the lawsuit. Is there anyone willing to help civility to file the civil lawsuit?

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    When it comes to civility matter on the persons who have been confined with the house arrest for the wrong doings, surely they would not be let out nor allowed to seek the law approach for release. Civility always been blamed for taking over action on some matters. But the law has to be enforced on those who are wronged and for that civility need not be blamed. Now coming to the matter of civility planning to file lawsuit against those people who are against the law and yet pretend to be normal. And by the way who is the lawyer who is capable of filing a lawsuit in this regard. Even the noted lawyers of this country may not be that well versed to file a lawsuit which was never heard before.
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    Everybody wants freedom and they want to behave the way they wanted. But they never think of the needs of the other person and they should also know that how we have some desires and freedom, the other person will also have the same. So a civilised person should never overlap the freedom of the other person. Really civility may have to feel shy when it sees such people and but it is helpless. It is not having a way to teach the people its importance. Probably somebody who has the guts and has the tact can try to impress other people can try to teach the importance of civility.
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    The author has very nicely presented the plight of the civility in the modern times where it is suffering as people are not following the civilised ways and not adhering to the basic principles of coexistence and cooperation. Our behaviour and manners decide the status of civility in the society and it is natural that until all the members of a society take corrective actions and improve their behaviour and adhere to the required politeness and courtesy the civility would continue to be suffering and would be literally forced to lodge a civil suit against the people who are not giving it a preference in their behaviour.
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