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    Sheen of civility is everlasting

    Every human being believes in being an exception, but it is hard to become one. To be exceptional in anything one does, inherit or nurture like: relationships, looks, education, job, income, wealth and many more, most people believe in competing with others to establish their footprint. Let's consider a highly educated person demeaning uneducated or unqualified people, then what's the use of such education which made the person uncivilised.

    A person who enjoys a lot of power but believes in misusing it by abusing others and manipulating any unfavourable circumstances is demeaning the post and position both. Consider men and women who have an unparallel beauty are conscious and proud about it. Among them, if anyone meanly looks at others who are not so good looking makes their beauty fake. Through such a distasteful act, one is letting down every concerned person. Nowadays, young adults are ignoring their parents and guardians. Shifting them to home for the senior citizens despite having all the comforts and wealth showcases the lack of civility.

    Let's consider inanimate things too; like furniture, utensils, ornaments expensive or inexpensive, or any other products all lose their glaze after some time. It is natural, but lifeless things are not similar to living persons. The people who believe in civility never fail to glow. A person who is well mannered and knows how to treat others well is admired and respected. Contrarily human beings though highly qualified, extraordinarily talented, well placed in their career or have enormous wealth and so on, but believe in misbehaving and disrespecting not so fortunate fellow beings cannot be called civil.

    Thus, civility is an ultimate quality that must get ingrained in every human being to become respectful in their manners, attitude and approach towards others and life in total. Those who do not lack civility remain shining forever.

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    Right chord created by the author hitting those so called educated who never drawn their wisdom through their high education and try to demean others on one pretext or the other. In fact the more the educated we are, we have to behave politely and with goodness as we have no right to underestimate the qualities of other person no matter they are from the rural set up and not having the modern knowledge. We must think that a uneducated person can survive with meager means and his living can be adjusted anywhere in the world, but a learned person has to think of his future and has trend with caution and cannot adjust anywhere against his wishes. In that case what is the use of education thus acquired which cannot differentiate this main happenings in life. Be polite, peaceful and agree to those even though you can gauge.
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    Education, money and beauty will never bring you civility. Sometimes they make people proud and in that proudness, they may forget the civility and try to show their supremacy over the people who are not so well to do. The same people will talk very politely if the other person is a rich person. That is how people behave and they feel they are the best civilised persons on the earth.
    A person is civilised only when he behaves properly with all the persons irrespective of the financial status or the education or position of the other person. Such people are very rare.

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    Politeness, good behaviour, and courtesy are the gemstones of our lives and facilitate us by providing increased reputation and respect in the society. Civility has a role everywhere and people who are civilised can take benefit and advantage out of it not only in their lives but can pass on the message to the people who come in contact with them. Through these well civilised people only civility is getting its everlasting sheen in this world and we must salute to the well behaved people in the society who are putting a good benchmark to follow and track for all others who are learning this from them.
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