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    Why is it not easy acquiring civility?

    In simple words, civility is to show politeness, good manners and due respect to someone. But in fact, it is more than just having manners, because it involves developing a courteous attitude and responsibility. There are several benefits of civility such as giving respect and values to others increase emotional stability and making relationships stable and more meaningful. But the main condition here is showing civility without anger. When someone is using bad words for you, at that time calming down your anger and still showing civility is as difficult as grasping at straws.

    Being civil is not easy. In fact, it is a challenging task that is harder than we think and demands much more effort. A good person may not behave civilly in some situations. Because it is very hard when you are facing a person who you do not like but still you try to be polite. But you can develop civility by practice.

    Being civil doesn't mean that we accept each good or bad actions of others. Neither showing civility proves that we are ignoring the views of a hate group as it is very difficult to deal with a hate group and it needs extra efforts to follow civility in such situations. Behaving civility becomes difficult when you find some information that is illogical or unethical and based on misconceptions. For example, when someone knows the fact but another person who has a different opinion is arguing and sticks to that only. In that situation practising civility is too hard.

    For acquiring civility, some special skills need to be developed which are not inherent and can be developed by practice only. The skillset includes careful listening or watching, thoughtful reading and understanding the reason for an issue. Continuous improvement is also required for their effectiveness.

    Though the skills development is not that easy and if you feel that you cannot acquire and show too much civility in most situations so you can try to develop a bit of civility to get social lubrication in your behaviour. So, that the people in your group can live a cool life without friction and develop healthy relationships.

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    There are many reasons for people not coming into the groove of acquiring the civility as they have been not nurtured well by the parents and left the duty of nurturing to some caretaker who never had the quality to imbibe the best in child. Secondly while studying in schools and colleges, we have to be associated with the peer group through whom many good quality of politeness, good manners and respect would transfer automatically as the best nurturing way of life at that childhood age. Later on when the job was joined, even at the office giving respect to the seniors and juniors would rekindle best cooperation from them and thus the life would be smooth than expected. But unfortunately people would not understand this, as they tend to put forth their view point and play with ego politics that bring bad name.
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    Acquiring civility is very important. At the same time, it is not very easy also. Maintaining your cool even when you are angry also is a very difficult issue and only a few people can do that. When the other person is angry and trying to upset you with his/her words also, if you can maintain your politeness, you will be admired. But it is a very difficult proposition and very rarely people can maintain that. Some people these days think that we are worthless if we are not shouting at a person who shouts at us. Be cool, be polite and you will have the best health.
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