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    When we do something great and others give no reaction

    In the life we all yearn to have interaction and dialogue. That includes inclusive comment or remark on what we do. When we do something great and others give no reaction, that would certainly bother us because we want to get the feedback either good or bad but when no comments made, we are more worried. Even on social media when we post something unique, we expect reply or like for that and we would be eagerly awaiting it. For the actors also they expect applause for the act done and if nothing forthcoming they are very much perturbed. So good or bad have the courage to admit in front of the performer.
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    Everyone likes getting cognisance of one's work. When we do something we expect people to comment on it. If they praise it we are happy. If they condemn it then we ponder over it to find out what was wrong with that and how we would be able to improve upon that. In any case we expect people to react on it. If there is no reaction on our work or efforts then we feel discouraged and doubt about the very existence of that deed whether that was useful or just a waste of time. It is human nature to expect reactions from various circles and different sides. Even in social media when we post something that we feel is having some uniqueness then we expect a large number of likes or comments on that. Suppose we do not get any comment or like on that then we definitely feel miserable.
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    Generally, when we did extremely well, we will get appreciation from our friends and relatives. We may be getting suggestions from them when we are not up to the mark. We should be able to take both of them equally. As a matter of fact, the best criticism will make you improve your efficiency and potential.
    Many times we expect others to appreciate us when we perform very well. But some people will feel jealous and may not appreciate it and at the same time, they will try to find some faults. We need not worry about such people.
    Our concentration should be always on performing to the best possible extent and we should accept whatever results come out of it. We have to do our duty and see that nobody will get harmed because of our works. That will be enough for us.

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