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    If you get rejected at the jobs selection ?

    Getting a right job at the right company is all we want to have the best career start. But the candidates are more and the competition is hot at every level of selection. Why because each one of the candidate are either having special qualification than us or having better knowledge about the job before hand. In that case there are every chance that we loose the job for others for sure. If you get rejected at the jobs selection, then what would be your reaction. There are people who take it light and go for next company and next selection and they would not be perturbed. Any comment ?
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    Today the competition for any vacancy is so tough and so cut-throat that it is very difficult even for the qualified and competent people to get that position. The reason for this is very simple that equally qualified and equally knowledgeable people are fighting for a position and in that case even a difference of a fraction in the score can be a significant factor in getting that position or losing that. So there is no need to get discouraged or sad about this because it is not because of the incompetence that a person is not being selected but it is because today we don't have enough positions for so many well qualified people in our country. So one has to simply go on trying and trying and applying in different companies.
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    After a particular interview, one should analyse his own performance in the interview, if he was not selected. What are the questions, how did he answer? Where did he go wrong? Once he understands these points, he can improve further in the other interviews he is going to face. But many will not do that. They think that they are perfect. One thing we should remember is that the employer will have his own estimations about the candidate he is going to recruit? So you may be correct and you may be good but the employer thinks that you may not fit into the post. So never think that you are not good enough, but try to find out the weaknesses and try to come out of them.
    Some people start worrying if they are not selected. But that is not desirable. That state of the mind will make you lose your focus and concentration on the subject. Be happy and think whatever happens is for our good only.

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