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    Why Naradh never considered as God ?

    We all know that Naradh Maha Muni was the only person authorized in those era to work as messenger between the Devas and also the Asuras so that he would facilitate truce between the two. But invariably there was more quarrel and face off with his interventions and thus many would feel his visit to Dev lok would trigger one new challenge or the other. But Naradh was meeting many Gods and by viirtue of it he can be considered as the acharya who can show the way to attain the heaven, Why Naradh never considered as God ? Any comment please ?

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    Naradh was definitely a great messenger between the various entities existing at that time. His role was only limited to that. He was also encouraging and provoking the entities to take some actions.
    In ancient times, the good was characterised by God and semi Gods and their followers while the bad was characterised by the demons and their evil associates.
    Naradh was in the good category and had a great involvement in connecting these entities with each other so that good could finally prevail on Earth. From that perspective Narad was only a facilitator.

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    As far as I have read, heard or watched books, series and myths I understood that under the mythical characters be it gods, demons, saints (deva, asura, rishi) Narad comes under the category of a saint(i.e, rishi). And all the Vedic gods and saints are mostly venerated and don't have temples erected in their names like the Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh) and popular gods and goddesses among masses like Rama, Krishna, Durga, Kali, Vaishno Devi e.t.c.
    So as far as my knowledge goes Narad comes under category of venerated saints like Vishwamitra, Valmiki, Vashisht and many more.

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    Narada is a saint. He worked for the welfare of the Good and used to warn the Devathas about the expected problems in advance and used to give the narration of the conditions that they are going to face so that they will be proactive. He is very famous as KALAHA BHOJA or KALAHA PRIYA. Actually, he is called Rishiraja.

    The main work of Narada is to teach people what is good and what is bad. Narad is cursed for his knowledge. He is an expert in creating confusion and controversy. By doing that he is helping Vishnu and other Gods to eliminate bad people that are Demons.

    Narada is very wise and mischievous. He used to get the information and give the same to the people to whom it is required. He used to travel long distances. He is a messenger for God. He used to alert the Gods to take action as required in case of some major crisis awaiting in heaven or on the earth.

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    Narada is a muni meant for chaos. He tells the matter of one place to another in order to raise chaos there. Though many times it ends safely, many people feel fear on him. He is the messenger of God. He got a boon for travelling anywhere as he please. Maanasa sancharare!

    But I am wondering the author takes up the job of Naradhar by starting chaos (jovially) on Naradha himself.

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    @748515 my contention that when he can meet anyone at will then why not a temple dedicated to him?
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    According to the Puranas, Narad was the son of a Brahmin slave girl in a previous birth. At that time his name was Nanda. He used to serve Brahmins from his childhood. He also started chanting mantras after seeing and hearing the puja of Brahmins.
    The purpose of human life is to be free from bondage. Satisfied with Nanda, the saints gave him the heavenly wisdom, which Krishna himself described in the Gita. One day Nanda's mother died after being bitten by a snake. In that shock, Nanda went to the forest and started meditating on Vishnu. Satisfied with his intense austerities, Vishnu visited him. Sri Vishnu was pleased to see Nanda's holy mind and strong desire to have God and gave him the gift that in the next life he would be born as an absolute devotee of Vishnu. Thus, after the destruction of thousands of years, Brahma originated from Vishnu's Navipadma. Devarshi Narad was born as the son of Brahma's Navi with the blessings of Vishnu. He is known as the greatest devotee of Lord Vishnu. In this way, Maharshi Narad was born for a special purpose. This Devarshi Narad is a kind of bridge between Devlok and Manablok. He has done this so that the truth may be revealed through arguments and discrepancies and religion may be established on iniquity. He is truly a symbol of devotion, knowledge, and wisdom as a Devarshi.

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    Narad ji did not have Godly capabilities. He is only a Vishnu Bhakt. Whatever he does is for the ultimate good in some way. Though it may appear as making a 'Kalah' it is all with a reason and cause and effect purpose ending in good.

    It is obvious that he cannot be considered a god.

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