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    Why are children so curious?

    Children are very innocent and simple in their behaviour but at the same time they are very curious. If we do anything they will come and ask us what we are doing and will try to find out that in detail to quench their curiosity. Every action or movement attracts their attention and they become to curious at times. The elders in the house have to keep a watch on the children because due to curiosity the mind of the children will be somewhere and sometimes they will fall down or get injured or slip on the stairs. What could be the reason of so much curiosity in children? Please share your experiences.

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    That is true. Children will be very curious. When they don't have any fear and feel safe and when the people around are well known to the children, their curiosity will increase. Safety and familiarity will make them more curious. When children approach us we should not shout at them. We should answer in such a way that they get familiarised with the subject and the curiosity will increase further. By asking them simple questions on very small issues we can increase the scope for them to be more enthusiastic. When a child approaches you you should talk and ask questions. That will make the child ask you more and more questions.

    We can help them in increasing their curiosity by encouraging and allowing them to make their own choices. We should support them so that they feel confident and competent enough to explore. Don't spoon-feed everything and leave leeway to them to think.

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    I guess For children everything in the world is brand new. The way everyone gets excited about something brand new, children too get excited to know about everything. They don't have any idea that fire can be dangerous, they don't have any idea that they can drow in water, they don't have any idea that beneath flowers there are thorns and they don't think anything is dangerous. Until they are told they go near everything they try everything, even after being told they just want to try things and unless they themselves experience it they rarely believe it.
    And once one gets older they become cautious, conscious and careful and fear become one of their friend which stops them from finding out and trying out new things.
    It is the lack of fear, and attraction towards the new things that drive the inquisitiveness of a child. And until we kill the child inside ourselves we all have that curious child inside our adult shell. Any older person can be innocent like a child if he/she has that curious kid inside him/her alive.

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    Present day children are very curious as well very talent. Their observation power is very good nowadays. They have a good habit of clearing doubts from the elders, especially the elders who shows affection on them. One day I took my brother's daughter to nearby temple. On the way we saw a crow found dead on the roadside. By seeing this in order to avoid her to see that, I just taken her to the other platform without telling anything. But suddenly, she asked me whether I took there because of the dead crow. From this I realized that she noticed that even before me, She then asked me what would happen to the kids of that crow and how the kids of the dead crow will get the information of such death.

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    While reading this post my thoughts went to a real happening some 40 years back when myself and my mother went to a family friend house and they are residing in Railway quarters on fourth floor. She has the small child of four years and always plays in the balcony to view as to who is coming and going and say hello. We chided the child mother not to open the balcony as it was risky. After we went away from the home when the child mother was busy at the kitchen, the boy leaped from top and fell on the ground. Luckily he fell on the mud beneath and immediately he was helped and brought to the house. His mother was surprised as to how he could sustain no injuries even after fall from fourth floor. That was great life for the child and this incident prove that we should keep vigil on the child always.
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    Parents have to take care of the kids and small children who in their curiosity sometimes get entangled in accidents of various kinds. That is the age when children are not only curious but also ready to do anything without understanding its consequences.
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    Children's intelligence is very active in the path of development, a small child who may not even know how to speak also develops slowly in life by understanding gestures. This learning ability of the human brain brings it to the world in the form of curiosity. In earlier times, children were told stories considering them to be innocent and less intelligent, but when the curiosity of the children is pacified with the right answers, then we are brightening our own future because these children will become our future.

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