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    Pl make it easy to contact customer service people at all times

    There are so many banks and financial services companies. There are even corporates but the customer service numbers start with 1800 and offer a rather combursome way to access services. Press 1 or 2 and so on. Very few institutions provide direct numbers.

    This should change immediately. Airtel and other big names and and all banks need to provide direct cell numbers of contact officials round the clock. The senior citizens are put to tremendous difficulty with the 1800 facility. Please keep it simple and direct. Pl do provide some training to a good number of people and run a call center kind of service with direct cell phone numbers of contact officials.
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    That is true. Sometimes the phone will be on and some music comes. In between a recorded message saying that the customer service representative is busy and he will come online shortly. This will go for 5 to 10 minutes and we will lose our patience. This happens many times. Sometimes it will become very difficult to follow the instruction given by the other side. Press 1 or Press 2 or so on and so forth. Anything wrongly done, the whole time will be a waste. You have to start from step one again. This is really cumbersome.
    As mentioned by the author, the process should be made easy. A direct number should be given instead of going through all these difficulties. Otherwise, there should be a WhatsApp number where we can easily report our problem and if necessary we can upload the picture also and if necessary we can make a video call also. This will make the whole system easy. So companies should try to do this and see that customers can contact them easily when there is a necessity.

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    The author has well mentioned a problem which many people are facing and the senior citizens are specially having a big difficulty in getting connected to these numbers where there is always a queue all the time when we try to contact them. The main reason for this is probably less number of lines available as compared to the people trying to reach it and in many cases the wait time is more than 10 minutes. Most of us lose patience and many times just stop the call. Then we have to visit the bank or the concerned office physically and get the work done. There is no utility of the calling service in such cases. It definitely requires a total revamping.
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    I am fully agreeing with the author that customer service should be more friendly and instant response needed. The way ACT fiber internet connection was discontinued by me has many reasons. Their customer service is very poor. They will register the complaint and give the complaint number for reference and they say it takes 48 hours to read the complaint by respective person and attend the same. That means a customer has to wait without internet for nearly four days and they would not consider refunding the loss of days due to no internet. Such is the worst service of internet provider. It is better to connect the computer through the hot spot on phone to the computer and that is proving fast and also the charges are covered within the phone data base. So companies need to change their service numbers for instant responses.
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