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    Do you believe mother is just like God

    Mother is one of the most beautiful creation of God.One famous proverb is there" God cannot be everywhere, so he created mother." I am discussing this topic because my mother is no more.Ten days ago she left this world. The proverb reveals the importance of mother in life. Though God is omnipresent, yet where His influence is undermined, the job of God is done by a mother. A mother is thus a reflection of God's love, affection and other qualities. A mother is symbol of purity, love and protection—the attributes of divinity. A mother can do sacrifices to a large extent for up bringing her children. Mothers are like a big tree, under whose cool shade her offspring can sit and protect themselves against the rebuffs of life.
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    My condolences are with you may god give you the will and energy to be able to cope up with the demise of your mother.
    Coming to the post I agree that God is like the mother in fact is at the highest pedestal of love and respect that a human can feel for anyone. As devotion towards got is taught to us for years and years through continuous teaching but love and care between mother and child comes to us naturally, no one needs to teach it.
    Mother's love is so pure and selfless not just humans it is seen in every creature in society. How can someone be so selfless as to just sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of a child? The debt of a mother's love is something impossible to pay back.

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    Mother and father are the two persons who are responsible for our being here. We have never seen God. But we see parents. They take all the troubles for our growth. They may or may not eat. But they will see that their children will have sufficient food to eat. They leave no stone unturned for the happiness of their children.

    There may be many people who show their love affection towards you but the love shown by the mother is unique and nothing can be compared with that. When we have any problem, if we have a chat with the mother, it will give you immense relief and feel comfortable. Whenever you phone up to your mother. the first question from her will be about your eating and then health. Nobody else will talk to you like that. Whenever we are in pain we remember our mother first and then only others. If we are feeling pain we will remember her and call her.

    It is very painful to lose the mother and nobody can fill that gap in this world. My deep condolences to you and your family. I wish your mother's soul will rest in peace. Om Shanti.

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    In Christianity a phrase says 'God is Love'. In Hinduism it is said 'Anbe Kadavul or Anbe Sivam' which reiterate the Love as God. A God cannot come in our presence. Though He comes before us in the form in which our mind got set up, we will not believe Him but think whether some cine actor came before us in that make-up. He, the God, will come before us in any form either in human form or unknown voice etc.
    Mother is a human form of God as she is the full form of Love.
    A boy returned to his house after attending an interview for a job. At the entrance itself father asked what was the result. He replied, 'Success, I got the job'. Father told him, 'blessings'. Elder brother came out and asked what was the Salary. Elder sister asked him where the office located and what is the timings. Younger sister told him by expressing her joy that he should give a new churidhar set for her. Coming out from the kitchen, mother asked him,' Have you ate anything, come to eat meals first!' Here the affection of mother won over others.
    Loss of mother cannot be replaced or consoled by any person and by any words.

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    Very very sad to know that your mother moved to the heavenly abode and may her soul rest in peace. Mother is the most important person in everyone's life because she not only gave birth to us but also nurtured, gave all the moral lessons, the beginner life lesson and also made us the person to reckon with. In Tamil there is a saying that " Annaiyum pithavum munnari deivam "that means mother and father are considered to be God for us. More than father, mother signifies the all time companion for the child especially for the girl child during their troubled time and good life. I can understand the loss of mother and we feel like the whole world has been snatched from us and we are orphaned. And the when the girl remains unmarried and the mother is lost the situation would be more challenging as none would care.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Losing a mother untimely is a big loss and my heart prays for you. Mother is definitely a divine person as she gives her unconditional love to the offspring. There is no substitute for the mother's care and love that she pours on the children. Nature has created a sense of love and care in the minds of females for their children and that is seen so evident in the form of a mother. In our Indian mythology we have many Goddesses whom we worship as a form of mother and consider them as divine power and bow to them as we bow to our real life mother. We cannot repay our mother for the one sided love and care that she bestowed on us.
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