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    Why do this with food?

    Recently I came across so many food-related youtube videos and vlogs, in which people were doing so many weird things with food just to get views. Some of these videos showcase making a swimming pool out of coca-cola, some shows noodles cooked in a tub and people bathing in it, and in some videos, they will take up the challenge of eating huge pizzas and when not able to finish it just throw it away. And on such videos, they gain millions of views. But the amount of wastage of food shown is immense. These videos are mostly by foreign video content developers from developed nations. This presents a stark contrast in the conditions of developed and nations and developing nations. At one place they have so much food to waste on the name of videos and that too not some scientific useful experiment but just waste and on the other place there is no food for people.
    How do you see such kind of content development using food and wasting it?
    How do you see such worthless experiments?

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    The author has raised a very good thread and no one is authorized to waste food and that is nothing but denying the same food for others. One day we had been to a marriage and on the way the traffic was heavy and we reached the marriage hall two hours late and by the time the marriage was over and even the lunch was going on. After we met the bride and bride groom and had the photo session, that was too late for us to be in the lunch hall and the items almost over. The host pleaded innocence and even chided the caterer for preparing so less meals. But he said that so many children who have taken the food on the plate served through buffet system have not eaten but wasted food in the bin and that made the food shortage. That was really sad to see four Wada's in plate was not eaten and just thrown away.
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    In any case, wasting food is not desired. You may have plenty of money but this money will not fetch you food. The available natural resources are very less and we don't have any right to waste them. Use them properly but never spoil them. If you have excess money you waste it. But we have no right to waste any of the natural resources. We have to conduct always ourselves keeping these facts in our mind.
    Many people are not able to eat due to a lack of money. We all should encourage such people and give them some food so that they will be happy.
    In the name of sports, videos and other issues wasting food should not be accepted. People should not subscribe to such channels and should not like them. That will discourage them and stop talking out such videos.

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    Using food items in a bizarre way to attract the attention of the viewers might get attention of the viewers in some countries but in India we would not be able to digest such videos and the author has rightly observed it with a critical angle. Food is an item of enjoyment for our taste buds and using it in such extreme ways of presentations is not in a good taste. I do not think that such videos would get much interest from the viewers side. There is ample scope of recipes of delicious items and those videos are viewed by a large cross-section of the society. It would be a better option to make videos on recipes or other related topics. Wasting food for making provoking videos is not a good option and we must respect the food in all ways and place it in higher place in our thoughts. In Indian culture food is considered divine and is even worshipped. It is a respectable thing for us and not a thing to be thrown down the drain.
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