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    Pretending to be rich but money wise very poor

    There are people around us who pretend to be very rich and when it comes to money wise dealing they are poor and show nil face when sought monetarily help. They wear costly jewels around their neck, they move in the car, and they maintain a luxury life in the eyes of others, but actually all are stage managed and they maintain such hype to be in the race to look like rich , otherwise they would not get the peer group friendship , nor cared in the society. Why such wrong thinking on the part of those persons who even tell lie about their earnings and living. Any comment ?
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    There are different types of people. Some poor people pretend as if they are rich. Some rich people pretend as if they are very poor. Why do they do that? They have their explanations. If you are not behaving as if you are rich, you may not get the required recognition in society. If you appear as if you are rich many people may approach you for help and you have to extend that help. If you appear as if you are poor nobody will approach you. Like this, they will have their reasons.
    But it is not correct to deceive people with our way of life. We know what we are and where we stand. We should live in our own way and we should not harm anybody. Such life will give you happiness and peace of mind. Thinking something if we pretend sometimes we will be in difficulties and nobody will come to our rescue during those times.

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    There are some people who are in upper middle class but pretend to be richer than that just to mingle with the rich society above their level. Because of their show off they are accepted in the high society and feel happy about it. There is no way to describe this phenomenon except telling that it is a foolish way to live in this world. What these people gain by doing so is beyond comprehension. We must live as per our earnings and as per our way of thinking. There are even rich people in this world who live in a very simple way and do not show off their wealth to others in a show off way. They know the essence of happy living. Showing off one's wealth is not in a good taste and showing off by taking loans and debts is still a worse situation. We must avoid temptation of show off just because it will make us acceptable in the high society where all smiles on the faces are fake and temporary. The attraction of mixing and going with high society is definitely a strong one but prudent people always avoid it in their simple lives.
    Knowledge is power.

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