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    Have any of you experienced this or done this

    One day a person blowing the horn of his vehicle by keeping his vehicle at the entrance of the house. Instead he would have stopped the vehicle and knock the door or pressing calling bell. As we do not expect such callings we did not noticed for more than 10 minutes. Later only without tolerating his continuous horning, we came out and see what was the noise. Then he smiled by seeing us.
    I am seeing people by keeping their two wheeler or car at the entrance of houses and blowing horn in order to call persons from inside the house. Is it correct way? How can we presume this as their calling unless otherwise intimated earlier. If the house is corner on the street, many house persons will presume that the horning sound is due the alert of driving vehicles.
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    This is the nuisance being created by those who have the vehicle but feel lazy to get down and open the gate but instead they keep on blowing horn much to the annoy of the neighbors also. Normally all the cars have similar horns and we do not give credence to horn when we are inside the house, but those who are want us to open the gate, they can better give a call and ask us to open the gate instead of keeping on blowing horn which is very irksome. Moreover honking has been termed as the road bossing attitude as some car owners have the assertive tendency of others to keep away from their vehicle and give way and I have seen seniors doing this and keeping on honking even at the busy market streets. So honking without purpose should be fined and the police posted on the road must immediately fine them.
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    This is a real problem. When we hear a horn we have to come out and see whether anyone is calling us and when we see that it is not before our house, we may have to go inside. This happens many times. Why these people will not understand the nuisance that is being created by their actions? They need not get down the car. Just they can give a ring on the mobile of the person whom you want to see so that he can come out without causing any nuisance to others.
    A person who is civilised and know civility will never create such problems for others. They behave very decently with others and conduct themselves in a civilised way. Only people who don't understand civility will only behave in such a way. Every one of us should know the problems that may arise out of our actions and should try to avoid performing such actions.

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