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    Does the effect of the old proverb "Money is the root of all evil" exist today?

    It is an old proverb. The need for money in our lives cannot be denied, because without money it is not possible to meet the basic needs of life. When we look at the world, we see that the countries whose economies are strong are the ones that are dominating all over the world. Its effect can be seen not only in the case of the country but also in human life. For this, there are disputes between brothers, friends, fathers-son, workers-employers, etc in different cases. People kill people for money. Money causes human moral degradation. So in the end, even if we need money, we should not give up our morals for money.
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    Nice post from the author as the money has become the weighing parameter for any one to gauge what we are and what we can spend on them. Those who have the spending capacity are regarded high in the society no matter for what purpose the money has been spent. Surely money has become the root cause of evil. When a person can reach a destination with safe and without any delay, he choose to book rent a car and that is with whooping fare during the peak hour, whereas the same destination can be reached through Metro rail, with less fare, good comfort, air conditioned coach and above all one can save lots of money. So people think that they need to spend money in front of theirs to boast of that they pretend to be rich, but they know how they are spending waste for the same which can be avoided.
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    This world is revolving around money only. Everybody runs after money. Everybody wants to grab as much as possible. Some people will forget ethics and morals also in this process. They don't feel bad even though the other person is losing heavily if he gets a little benefit. Many combined families are getting splitter into nuclear families mainly due to the financial differences between the family members. If one of the brothers is rich, he may think he has to share his wealth with other siblings and try to go for a separate family.
    No doubt money is needed. But to what extent? How much money do you want to have in your bank account? Try to earn only in legal ways and enjoy your life with that money. Too much money will never give you happiness. It brings worries into your life. Try to serve the poor who are in need if you have more reserves. That will make them have food and they shower all good wishes on you.

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    In this world there are a majority of people who are not bad and they do not run after money in that way that is chasing the evil plans. Unfortunately there are some people who are having evil tendencies and they will do anything to get money. Once they know that there are evil means also to earn money then they go through that route and can do anything to get the money. The Govt of the country will always try to nab them but due to inherent deficiencies and weaknesses in the governance they will get advantage and many times get away from the legal recourse and continue their bad deeds. For such people we can very well say that - 'Money is the root of all evils'.
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