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    It is more painful when seeing some teachers are misbehaving

    In recent news the news on teachers misbehaving with students in a bad manner revealed and thereby the children commits suicide as they feared to reveal this to the higher ups or parents for bare consequences. After their committing suicide only the matter is coming up without any solution of saving the life of the students.

    In some schools male students attacking the teachers, bus conductors and they travel in foot-boards of the buses.

    Who will bell such cats? Mere ruling by Governments it cannot get corrected. Teaching experts should analyze this topic and should initiate steps for the betterment of students as they are the forthcoming rulers of the country as told by K.Kamaraj, ex chief Minister of Tamilnadu.

    It is very much painful for the parents of children as their heart filled with fear when sending their children to the schools till their return.
    In those days, all persons in the house sat in the hall during the dinner or lunch and chatting freely on the happenings in the office/school/college etc., This will remove the fear in the children on parents.
    As for as parents concerned they should set away all their busy workings for a while and purposefully they should spend some time for their children beyond their studies. The parents should talk with them amicably and if the system prevails they, the children have no fear in talking to the parents about any happening in the schools. Father of girls and boys should visit the school frequently and have good rapport with teachers about their children's study and activities in the school or college.
    Male teachers should be avoided in the schools where the girl students studying. May be this could be criticized by the women forum but no forum raise question on the suicides of children.
    Sufferred parents only can realize the effect.
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    For that matter sending to school and how the child should behave also a matter of concern for the parents and teacher. Most of the students these days spend more time in the school in the guise of extra class or tuition. And some teachers are knowingly not taking care of child in the class and insisting for special attention in the extra class or tuition with high fee rates. And the male teachers behaving ugly with the girls have been reported even in Telangana and that is giving lots of concerns to the girl child parents as they cannot even believe the elder male teachers. When the parents take the forward of teaching the child on daily basis, surely he or she need not go for the tuition at all and the class teaching should be attended with rapt attention and therefore the parents are to be blamed for the children drifting away.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good schooling experience is based on the triangle made between parents, teacher, and student. If there is a good communication and transparency between these three entities then only we can expect a better growth of the student. Parents have to find time to spend with their children and talk with them about the activities and studies being conducted in their schools and if there is any problem or bottleneck then the parents should meet the principal and the teachers to sort out the same. This is very much necessary otherwise the school authorities will also feel that parents have no interest in the educational career of their children. At the same time the teachers should also feel that it is their responsibility to make the students learn and grow through education and if a student is not adhering to the school rules and regulations and behaving in a different fashion then it is the duty of the teachers to bring it in the notice of the parents so that things can be checked and controlled before any damage is done.
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    This is really a bad situation. A guru is supposed to be more than God. We say that Guru is Brahma. Guru is Vishnu and Guru is Siva, So we should salute guru always. But when teachers behave in a different way what will happen to our thinking process. We will have fencing to protect the crop in the field. But if the fencing itself eats away the crop, what will be the reaction?
    This is mainly due to lack of control over our doings, The atmosphere in which we were grown-up will also have a say on our behaviour. The parents and grandparents should teach their children and grandchildren the morals and how they should behave themselves from an early age itself. There are many stories in our Puranas that will tell them the way they have to behave. If we tell them the same stories we will see good results.
    Teachers also will have a very important role to play. They should present themselves as elderly persons and try to maintain a distance from the students so that they will have some respect as well as fear also on them.

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