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    Income Tax return filing is now interactive and easier than before

    While filing the Income Tax return this year myself I found that they have changed the format drastically and instead of filling a form now it has become interactive and asks us to check the details and change them if we find that certain things are not shown there. We can add any income which is not captured by them under the other income and the process seamlessly proceeds ahead. Though it is a long process to completely fill those information and then finally submit the return but I found that comparatively it is much user friendly this time if we compare it to the earlier years formats. What is your experience in this regard? I am asking the experience of especially those people who are filing it themselves instead of getting it done through an agent. Please give your feedback.
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    I have not had a very good experience. Though I liked the new interface of this ITR website but found it a little bit confusing. If you are not careful and have not noted all the information in advance, there are lots of chances that you will forget to fill in some of the details. This year, it is the first time when I have prepared my ITR in an excel sheet so that there will be no confusion while filling it.

    Further, one most important issue that I face is no resolution of grievance by the ITR department. I filed two grievances but no satisfactory resolution was given by them. I think there are lots of grievances pending this year and they do not have enough time to resolve them. So they close these grievances without any resolution.

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    I am also of the opinion that the present system is more confusing. Especially when people have different types of incomes, it is very difficult. Only salary income means, it is very convenient and we can easily follow the steps that are being told in the interactive session and we can file the ITR. But when we have incomes in multiple ways even though the quantum is small it is very difficult and confusing.
    Almost from the last 40 years, I am submitting my ITRs. But I never did it on my own. Generally, the company auditor was helping me in filing the returns as long as I was in service. Once I have become self-employed, I contacted a known auditor who is doing the ITR filing for me. He is my friend and helps me in all the ways to see that minimum tax is paid. I was talking to him last month and he was telling me that this year many people who were doing earlier on their own are approaching him for ITR filing.

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    This is the first time that this new format is being used so let us hope that the shortcomings would be hopefully removed by next year.
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    I had ben filing my IT return all by myself since beginning for all these years. I had never entrusted this job to anyone till now. (Had I entrusted to some CAs or tax practitioners, I would have gained much by saving good amount of tax).

    I had seen many changes in the tax filing procedures, forms etc. Every time, after the initial unfamiliarity it becomes easy . This time also I found it easy. Probably this is the first time I could file my Income Tx return in one sitting at one go. I accepted whatever was pre filled and filed the return. As I did not have any tax saving investment, I had to remit additional tax as given by the system. That was avoidable had I done some tax saving investment in time.

    But one small change I had to make in th prefilled data. It had included my last year IT refund amount as this year's income. This I corrected.

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    Though I have been filing the income tax returns through my CA every year, never visited the site for filing application on own and that seems to be cumbersome and the details sought may not be having. But what I feel that a CA would have toe of all our earnings and he is responsible to file the income tax with more sincerity for sure. But the present interactive system has the scope to conceal the new income by not disclosing and thus wrong filing may be possible. Now a days income tax certificates are sought by the banks for availing loans and in that case the fluctuated income details served may not give the factual position and even the CRISIL rating score would be low for the individuals which may not qualify us for the loan seeking. Any way let us hear from others who opted for new personal filing of IT.
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    Under the new format for filing a tax return, I think it is more confusing than the earlier one. But for those who know something about the tax laws, it is very easy to file a return now. I think the department has made this new one so that the Assessees will be filed through an expert.
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