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    I am not going to post and will remain in hibernation till I get back my old account

    Dear Editors and Members,
    I have decided to remain silence till I get back ' Lokhi' which I am unable to access.Even 'Forgot password' doesn't work. I have taken the help of me two of my students who are software professionals and they too could not sort out the issue.
    This doesn't mean that I will quit ISC.
    Meanwhile,I am glad to inform you my daughter has given birth to her second baby girl who is going to one month soon.

    Thank you for all those members who suggested so many ways to solve problems.
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    Happy to note that you have become a grandmother again and convey my congratulations to your daughter also.
    It is very bad to note that you are not able to recover your password and account. I don't understand why forget the password is also not working for you. I think you have to be in touch with the site administrator and they can only help you in recovering your password. Anyhow, the concerned may do the needful after seeing the post.
    But why stop posting on the site using the other account you are having on this site. If your time permits and if you can find some time you can post on various sections of this site based on your convenience.
    I am facing a similar problem with my Facebook account. Of course, I am able to use it. When I opened an account there, I gave my official E mail address in the account. But later when I shifted my organisation I couldn't access that official mail and Facebook is not allowing me to change my email address on their site.

    always confident

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    Only the ISC site software person can help in this matter and if your account is accessible to the webmaster for changing the password or any other such correction then only you can retrieve it. If they also not have access as happens in some software packages then you might have to open a new account. Till that time you can use the temporary account also so that your creative journey remains continued.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Niharika, nice to know from your post that your 'daughter has given birth to her second baby girl who is going to one month soon." Wish you nice time with them.

    If I am to suggest, I may suggest that you continue posting with the new user name Niharika and simultaneously take up with WM,ME etc. for recovering your old account. Once the old account is recovered you can request them to merge the two accounts.

    If you are not able to send private message to WM through your account, you may contact via FB etc, or post a clear forum post on that matter. You may use the 'Contact us' link at the bottom(bottom most) of each page.

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    Please do not come to hasty decision of becoming silent and want to contribute only through old account. Yes, when you have already achieved so many awards and advances with the old account, new name and account would dwarf you in performance wise. But please contact our webmaster through the social media and leave the message there to help you out. Normally the desk top computers would remember the passwords for sure even we miss the phone. But in your case there seems to be no usage of other gadgets except the phone. Meanwhile cherish the company of new grand child born to your daughter and that must keep you busy now. Pass on my best wishes and congrats to your daughter because having a girl child is the great boon for the family and she would bring in more fame and pride for them.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Best wishes to you and your daughter.

    I think it is a little foolish to stop contributing to ISC, when the issue is something that is not a major calamity and can be resolved with some effort and initiative on your part. So many of us have been suggesting and advising, and, sorry to be blunt, but all you have done is throw up your hands in despair and not face the small challenge. It is really exasperating, to say the least!

    I have spent some time today trying to figure out the problem with your old account, by using the 'forgot password' for my own account, which was what I had mentioned in your earlier thread, and will try to make an attempt once again to patiently guide you. as per my experience.

    This is what happened-
    1. On clicking on the 'forgot password', the instruction was to either enter my user name or my email that was associated with the account. I put in the email.
    2. I instantly got an alert in that same email that is associated with my account. The email provided a link on which I had to click to reset my password, along with a temporary code to reset it for the account.
    3. On clicking on the link, I was on the page where this message appeared-
    "You must provide your user Id and the temporary code received in your email to reset the password. If they are not automatically filled below and if you do not know them, please request a new password reset link to receive the details in your email."
    4. The Temporary Code was a string of numbers and letters that did appear automatically in the box for it.
    5. Below that was a box to enter the new password, and below that was a box to retype the new password. I put in the new password and retyped it as instructed, followed by the captcha code number, and then submitted it.
    6. I was taken to the page with a link for login credentials.
    7. I again typed my user name and the new password. In the initial two tries, it did not work (likely because I typed in the incorrect new password), so I again went through the process of 'forgot password' etc as per the steps mentioned above, and then got through to my account.

    Now, what I think the issue with your inaccessibility to your old account is-
    1. You have forgotten the email ID that is associated with that account -
    - In case you have forgotten it, I can find it out from the admin. and send it to you through a private message.
    2. You have not entered the user name correctly, maybe lokhi instead of Lokhi?
    3. Like my first two failed attempts, you did not enter the new password correctly or faced a technical glitch despite entering the correct new password.
    - If this is the case, then, like I did, again use the forgot password feature and once again try the entire process that follows, but with yet another new password.

    If all this does not work at all, I think you can still open a second account with the same user ID as Lokhi, and the same name of Radha Muralidhar. In case you get the message that you cannot do so, that the user ID is taken or there is an existing account of Radha Muralidhar, then (a) put an additional letter in the user ID and, similarly, (b) a slightly different name, such as Radha M. This was a suggestion by Venkiteswaran in your earlier thread on losing your phone. He stated, "you could have opened the new account in same sounding name with just one alphabet change or so". I think that is sensible advice and you had stated that you would try it out. Did you do so?

    Hope now at least you will make some effort from your side and move ahead with the option of the old account if you do get access to it, or just move on with a similar new account/new account of Niharikha.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Dear Vandana,
    Thank you for your efforts to help me get my password back.
    I followed your instructions and tried the same on Niharikha and typed forgot password and got it back. I will do the same for my old account also .
    Thank you once again for your wishes on my grand daughter's birth.

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    Thank you for your suggestions . It is true that daughters are as precious as sons and should be happily welcomed by the family members.
    I have only one daughter and spent most of my time with her and now she is doing very well in her profession . Also she is maintaining her family and. adjusting with her inlaws pretty well.

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