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    Money can't do everything for you

    There is a general impression among the people that we can do anything and everything if we have money in our pocket.

    I was feeling very hungry. I was in a new place where I did not have any known person. All the shops are closed. I have a good amount of money in my pocket but it couldn't get me anything to eat. Then I felt money is not everything.

    Money is very important in our lives. But it is not everything. There are many things which can't be obtained with money. The affection I get from my family members, the useful knowledge I obtained from my teachers are much costlier than the money for me.

    Money can do many things. But one will be happy in life when he/she has health, ethics and morals in his/her life in addition to the money. These things can't be purchased with money from shops.

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    Money is a common medium through which we can buy the food and other requirements in our lives. If we do not have money we would not be able to get anything. So definitely money is an important thing. Everyone has to earn money by doing some job or work and get paid for it. Earning money is not so easy and that is why people try their best efforts to earn money. So, many people will conclude that money is the everything in our lives and we should only think about earning it and accumulate it. But there is a catch here and there are certain things in our lives which money cannot get and they are not the physical things but the abstract things like happiness, contentment, calmness, love and affection etc and these cannot be bought with money. For getting these things one has to have some other earnings in life which come from good behaviour, politeness, good character, and caring for the fellow beings.
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    Money would be required in all sort of transactions be it tutti ion fee of your child or purchasing essential commodities of our households. Apart from money can solve the different issues in your life and to have this is our priority. Earning money is not so easy as we perceive but requires consistent efforts and dedications to enhance our incomes. If your are sincerely interested to provide a better education to you child, you need to have abundant money to carry out your responsibilities. Hence you cannot deny the value of money.
    But does it offer us satisfaction really? The answer is NO since it is not your substitute of your sincere love you are having with your kids and nor does it give that true love which your mother has shown to you always since your childhood.
    Since your childhood, you have learnt how best the money can be earned through the fair means and without the proper guidance of money, you might cross the limit of fair means.

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