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    When pushed under pressure how you perform

    Most of us would have faced pressures of various types in our life. There are many who face pressure almost everyday,
    I had also faced pressures in my personal life as well as in career life. Only those who underwent the pressures can know the real dimensions and impacts. Each one may term it as tension, strain, stress, pressure and similar terms. It is generally easy to theorise and philosophise on other's tensions and pressures. But one has to 'wear the shoes' to know where it pinches.

    What really matters is how one reacts and responds to pressures. There are many who fret and fume and go under self pity by expecting and inviting sympathy and empathy from others. There are still others who boldly face such challenges and come out completing the causative tasks and meeting the challenges successfully. There are some who simply throw up their hands on air and plead to relieve them.

    I am one who had experienced that my capacity and ability comes to the excellence when faced with challenges and pressures. In normal times I am prone to be a bit lazy and easy. But when given challenging tasks and deadlines and faced with pressure I felt my adrenalin working well and I am pushed to best activity and all my faculties and tissues work in tandem. I have experienced that I come out with best results when under pressure, But this does not mean that I like to invite pressures.

    How do you react and respond to various pressures in life?
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    The author has discussed the impact of stress and pressure while doing a job. We would have different effects of the stress - either we would perform excellently under such circumstances or by being nervous, we may not perform to that level which we desired. Hence we can conclude that the results would be varying depending upon the candidates. However, I must salute the people who would outperform the allotted task under the condition of their severe stress reflecting that they can better balance their emotions inspite of adverse circumstances.

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    Under pressure our efficiency will improve and we will try to work at our maximum potential. But we should not get tensioned thinking about the volume of the work. We will make our plan and go ahead as per the plan. When we are under force to complete the work we will get ready for any situation and we will have Plan ! and Plan 2 so that there will be something to rely on if one of the plans fail. We know the rice will get cooked fast under pressure than at normal pressure. Same rule works here also, I feel.
    If there is no pressure we may think we have a lot of free time and we will postpone the works and we may become lazy finally. Knowing this fact only, seniors in the office try to pressurise their juniors for completion of the work. We should have a limit for the pressure also. If the amount of pressure becomes more, there is a chance we may burst. So I feel under a reasonable pressure we may work more efficiently and fast. This threshold value of pressure from person to person may vary.

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    There are many times in our lives when we are under pressure and somehow complete the work under that situation. Given a choice no one will like to do anything under pressure but unfortunately in real life situation pressures are sometimes inevitable. So every time we cannot have freedom to work like as per our wishes at our terms. There will be many occasions where we will have to work under severe rigid boundaries and there will not be any scope to breach that. So the only way left for us in that situation is to accept those pressures and forces and try to devise ways to complete the work even in that congested and constricted environment. That is the only solution that comes to my mind for such difficult situations.
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    In fact when ever pressure in imposed and brought in with more rigid time tested performance result, the outcome was stupendous and liked also. When there is no pressure the people take the work light. For example we all had worst experience with the tailors in those days to whom we give the entire family clothes and ask him to give before the festival or occasion to which the stitching has been done, And not realized this the tailor always made the delay and sometimes our clothes are remaining in the bag without even cut for the stitching purpose. When asked why so much delay and not even cut, be says it is the question of two hours and wold give the dress on the festive morning and by that time more dresses are pending and being attended, we are getting the shock of the time when the dresses are not yet made.
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