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    Inconsistency is not a failure rather a learning experience

    Everyone cannot be successful always. There are fortunate beings for whom success is a routine matter, but numerous people fail to succeed every time. Their inconsistency can make them sad and worried, but that's not the key to success. It is natural to be irregular in achieving success. Those who never become unsuccessful are less in percentage, and they are a tremendously blessed lot. They usually lack nothing to make their fortune, but most people struggle to achieve a position in their lives. They fail at regular intervals and at times get success; with such inconsistency comes insecurity and lack of confidence.

    Now, those who face inconsistency in becoming successful in their career need to understand that it is not a failure. It is a mere obstruction that might arise in anyone's life due to various causes such as lack of understanding, improper knowledge, short of preparation and effort, or the absence of perfect guidance and much more. One should consider such a situation as a learning experience and try to work on it to avoid failure. Thus, inconsistency in success should not demean and affect one's potential. It helps to understand one's strengths and rectify the flaws to attain success.

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    That is true. Inconsistency is not a failure. It is an indication that the person has not put in all efforts to be successful. There may be many reasons for not putting in all effort. Lack of time. Lack of understanding or overconfidence so on and so forth. If the person is ready to learn the reason for failure he will understand the route cause for that and he may not repeat the same mistake again and again. But if the person is casual and takes the result as it comes, he may not learn from the failures.
    Sometimes we may not be successful due to reasons beyond our control. How to avoid such situations also is an important point. Some people think that luck is not on his side which is the reason for failure. But I don't believe in that. One should not depend on luck for their success. Under the adverse conditions, if you are coming up that is an indication that you are highly capable.

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    Nice thread from the author. Take example in a class strength of 40 students in which toppers would be 10, average would be 20, and rest would be dull and even failures. Now talking about consistency, the effort put by top 10 students are stupendous as they were consistent since many years and got the niche of grabbing the ranks always. And the situation of average students can be improved, but they are lethargic towards performance and for them being average is giving comfort at the home as they would tell the competition is hot in the class and instead of failing , at least average marks are obtained to which the parents gets convinced. And for the failure students they always proved that education is not their choice and they reluctantly come to the school owing to pressures from parents and thus no performance.
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    Inconsistencies will always be there when we undertake a task or job. Even the most intelligent and learned people encounter inconsistencies in their work and they continuously learn from it rather than getting discouraged by them. There is nothing like a smooth flow of work process in the real world and people face the inconsistencies day and night in their projects or works. We cannot predict the future outcome of a process as there are many internal and external factors that shape it in the final stage and during the execution new situations always crop up to baffle us and demotivate us. Only mantra in this matter is that we have to face them boldly and mitigate them as per our capabilities and abilities. That is the only way to progress ahead.
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    All three members have mentioned that inconsistency is bound to occur. Yes, it is bound to happen. A few are born with a golden spoon who never faces any obstruction in their lives. Rest faces hiccups, but none should blame luck. It will be wise to find fault in one's preparation method and rectify the flaws.

    Dr Rao,

    A big thank you for using the word 'overconfidence' in your comment. I thought so many times to write about it but somehow missed it, and that's also an example of my inconsistency in approaching a topic. I learnt through it that jotting down the points is very important while writing about any topic. It helps in creating a good piece of writing.


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    Those who are born with silver spoon and never faces any hurdles in their life is something very rare and can be seen with selected people. What is the use of such people who never care for others and keep advising for good cause whenever approached. But there is a strong belief that those who are born with good star, they are bound to live happily without any hickups and the star name is Bharani. Those who are born with this star are of Mesha Raasi group and they are the winners right from the birth. They look good, handsome, study well on their own, be the everlasting performer from the beginning which gives them self confidence to achieve anything in future and thus they are the winners all time. I have seen such person in my relations who never seen red light or setback in his entire 66 years life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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