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    Why should we not expect high from anyone?

    We all have some expectations. We expect from family members and friends. Parents have expectations from their children. Teachers have some expectations from their students. At the workplace, an employee is expected to complete the dedicated task. When these expectations are fulfilled we feel glad and satisfied. But if our expectations don't meet we feel dejected. Sometimes people expect a lot from their selves. They also work hard to fulfil them but situations do not always support them. And sometimes our expectations really frustrate us.

    Expectations are fine up to some extent but problems arise when we have high expectations from someone or even from ourselves. Because high expectations help to build confidence and responsibility. It motivates and encourages to complete a committed task. But on the other hand, high expectations may sometimes be destructive. It can increase the pressure that may lead to avoidance, emotional distress, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. For example, parents when having expectations from their child to get the top rank in the JEE or NEET exam. But the child could not score the good rank. He/she may feel dejection which may also turn into anxiety or depression.

    To face such issues, one should try not to expect anything from anyone. Because we do not expect from everyone that is in our life. We also know that who can fulfil our expectations. It is also true that expectations can hurt. It is not sure that every expectation will be fulfilled. So, don't expect high from others and build confidence and esteem in yourself. Expect from yourself, not others.

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    When we do not know our capability and strength, then how we can expect high from anyone and for this many things has to be discussed. As to what facilities and advantages way we have created for the other person to achieve the target. Though the person may be well versed in attaining the ranks by virtue of past habit, when it comes to tough competitions we cannot estimate that easy. Have you ever tested your own child as to what is in store for her in future with the capacity to tackle the exams which are of competitive nature. By having very high hope on others, we have to induce our confidence level on them and also give some kind of inputs so that he or she would be benefited to crack the exams with rank. Nevertheless do not expect much but when the things are achieved, take it as bonus should be our attitude.
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    Expecting from others is the root cause of our miseries. There are some people in this world who simply expect from others and wait for that to happen and the interesting thing is that such a charity may happen or may not happen as it is on the mercy of that other person. When we expect from anyone then we should ponder and think that there would be some people around us who will be expecting from us. Are we helping them? Are we fulfilling their expectations? If not then how are we expecting from others. The essence of life lies essentially in 'not expecting from others' and doing one's own hard work and efforts to progress in one's life.
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    With the progression of time, the attitudes of the people have changed. They wouldn't expect others involvement in their own jobs. Whatever the job is, they would try to attempt the same from their end, if they are not successful in their venture, they would approach the technical men to get the work done from the service providers for the different electronic items. Similarly for the different items they would look out for the men doing such jobs providing their services on payment basis. These days work can be conveniently on payment basis. Even marriage and party functions can be managed with different agencies doing our work effectively if the charge demanded by the parties are acceptable to us. There are minimum chances of expectations from others in getting our jobs done through our friends and relatives in the prevailing situations.
    Hence as far as possible, expectations from others should be minimal otherwise failures in getting the work done would hurt us heavily.

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    Expectations hurt and it is the thing known by everyone but being a human we can't resist the urge to have expectations and mostly these expectations are from people whom we love. We expect people to reciprocate the behaviour we have for them but often it is not the case because people may not necessarily feel in a similar way for each other. It is ok to have expectations but these expectations one should have from himself/ herself and not from others, otherwise, they will stay in agony whenever people will not fit on their expectations.
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    When we expect some help from somebody and when he denies we will get upset. At the same time when there are no expectations, whatever little help we get from the other party, we will be happy. This is a common issue with all.
    If we expect 99% marks in the examinations to our kids, if they get even 98% also we are upset. But if there are no expectations even 90% also make us happy. This is the human mentality.
    When we interact with people we will get some impressions from the way of conduct of the other person. Then we will have some expectations. Many times we can understand the other person and as such our expectations may not go wrong.
    I used to have many expectations about the education of my two sons. But when it came to reality both of them completed their ENgineering graduation and settled in good jobs. I expected at least one of them will go for a Master degree. But none has shown interest. There I got upset as they made my expectations fail.

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