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    Why money has been made flat because it needs to be piled up for future

    Have you ever thought why the coins and currencies are made flat and thin ? Because it needs to be piled up for future. Yes the shape of the coins and currencies are deliberately made to look flat because we can pile up the same one after other, till it becomes the big saving and that would be very secure for the future. And never underestimate the power of coins in savings. Because the coins saved on daily basis would become a big amount when we need them the most. Not that we hoarding the coins from the circulation, but making for secure future is the key here.

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    It is true that the idea of making the currency in flat design is for ease of storing it and not for hoarding. When we keep it in our purse or wallet then it is definitely convenient in that particular design. There was a time when people were keeping currency notes stacked in their houses for emergencies. Today it is not required because there are online and digital gateways for payment scattered all around us. So stacking is a thing of the past now. Still some evil people might be stacking them in their houses who are earning it through tax evasion and black marketing route.
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    In rich people house we find fixed cash almirah to stack cash. And these days they are operated with digital locks.
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    Good interpretation from the author about the reasons for making currency notes and coins falt. I feel that is true. We have to carry cash for our daily needs. Of course, for the last 2 years, we are using digital cash payment gates for the payment. So if the coins and notes are flat and thin we should not have any problem in carrying them in our valets. If the coins and notes are made thick when we keep them in our valet. the valet shape will lose its shape and may not look good.
    The government is spending a lot of money to get these coins minted and notes are printed. So they prefer people to use digital valets as the printing expenses can be eliminated. But the use of physical cash can't be stopped. 100%. So the government will see the various ways and means to reduce the expenditure in printing the notes.

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