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    Sustained efforts are required to maintain a position

    We all do hard work and tough preparations for achieving an objective and reaching our goals. We are in a competitive era and it is obvious that without working hard it is not possible to progress ahead. So ultimately through the path of hard work we reach a particular position and feel satisfied and contented about it. But that is not the end of the journey. We have to maintain that position and if possible progress more in our lives. Interesting thing in this matter is that even for sustaining that position or maintaining that status we have to do a lot of hard work and efforts otherwise we may start sliding down and lose heavily in this competitive and cutthroat world. We have to understand this important aspect and should not forget that reaching a position is alright but sustaining and maintaining it also requires a lot of efforts and hence life is a continuous journey of struggle. What is your experience in this regard?

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    When you join the new job, surely the new employees, new task and new seat would be inducing you to give better output than envisaged and thus in the first month you show everlasting performance even over taking the present employees. Now comes the twist. Having witnessed the great potential in you, the management gives additional task and additional responsibility to which there is no iota of idea and thus the failure is for sure. Now you are maligned by the present employees who were constant in the performance and also having the eye of the management but yet would not flare up with performance for just one month and then goes to sulking. Therefore sustained performance is the asking of the day and even at ISC the members who are sustained with their activities are regarded and respected.
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    Sustaining in the position attained also require a lot of effort. It is not easy and we will be made to be on our toes forever. Hard work is the only key for sustaining the career at the required speed. Many times we discussed that focus and concentration are the two important factors that are required for sustaining the speed we achieved in our journey of life. Not that we got a promotion today from tomorrow we need not worry. Improved work is required to sustain in the new position you achieved through promotion.
    When your responsibility increases you have to be more careful and at the same time you have to maintain the position properly by raising to the occasion. So our everyday work also requires full concentration and focus. So if we have the ambition of going up in the leader we should keep performing well by taking all the responsibilities properly.

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    It is also interesting to note that especially in private organisations when some people reach a particular level or position and they feel that they have already attained the maximum in their lives and then they do not make any additional efforts to go further up then they are either superseded by the juniors in the organisation or the organisation tells them to take early retirement. This element is also to be considered while discussing this matter.
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    Surely the author has rightly said that when we want to get a particular position or success, then we get it with all our efforts, but after achieving it, our efforts should not stop. It also does not mean that we should not celebrate the joy of victory, of course, we need a small break to celebrate our happiness, but do not take this break in the hope that we have now got it all. Being a part of a competitive society, today we are surrounded by competitors from all sides in our or any field and if we want to maintain victory then efforts are also required.

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