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    Weird experiments with food to what extent you are ready to try and accommodate this?

    In the name of sensation you can find anything and everything on the internet, and in the long list of such things comes food where people do all kinds of experiments with the food. So here are a few weird things that were in the news in the year 2021 for being tried and tasted will you be able to try these things?
    1) Maggie (one of the all-time favourite food of kids in India) cooked in Fanta.
    2) Golgappa's made out of Butter chicken.
    3)Pakoda(fitters) made of Oreo Biscuits.
    4) Chaat made of Gulabjamun
    5) Omelette is made of Fanta.
    I am not even able to imagine the taste of these things. But these are the few things that were made on youtube and covered in news channels. What do you think about such food? will you be able to accommodate such experimentation in your food?
    Will you be brave enough to make and taste this?
    I am for sure can't eat maggi made in fanta or oreo as pakoda.
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    The so called small time budding chefs are having weird ideas in preparing food with rare combinations and thus upload the same even on the internet to get likes and inquiries about the same. If Maggie two minute noodle was made in Fanta that cannot be tasted well as we are used to add water and that's it. And Golgappa made of butter chicken is something we are not concerned being vegetarian. And Pakoda made out of oreo biscuits would definitely lost the sheen because the pakoda need to be done with vegetables. And Chaat made of Gulab Jamum cannot be appreciated with sweetener in it and omelette made from fanta is not of our food. So these combinations are just to make sensation on the internet and I am sure those who are habituated to regular tastes of same items would certainly say no to different taste of no liking.
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    I am a traditional food lover. I want the food to be made in traditional ways only. I rarely try north Indian dishes. Not that they are not tasty. But I have no intention to eat those foods. Maggies is being made in our house. But I and my wife never taste them. I prefer vermicelli tan maggie. My sons and daughters in law make different types of the latest versions of foods. But I never taste them also.
    These latest versions I never heard also. Pakoda is very tasty when it is made with onions and uses good quality oil. But how they can be made with Oreo Biscuits.?
    Research and Development are in full swing in all the areas. Now, this is entering in our kitchen also. Let us see how many more new dishes will be made and how can we make them popular is to be seen.

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    The experiments in life are essential. The combination of ingredients for a specific dish sounds weird, but one cannot conclude without tasting it. Generation to generation choice of everything such as food, dress, career and everything else varies. A younger generation may like the flavour of Fanta in their Maggi and so on. Some years ago, Maggi entered the food market and gradually became a favourite food item among various generations. The youths of those years, when Maggi got launched, are still fond of eating Maggi, but the seniors of that period always preferred traditional food. Choices and taste buds change with time. Just because the experiment sounds absurd, we should not form an opinion. Food habit and liking for any food item depends upon an individual, which is weird to one can be a favourite item to another.

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