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    Theft is a great science if not caught, the old proverb

    Who steals is known as a thief. Whose only profession is to steal is a professional thief. Theft is a crime in the eyes of society and laws, thus the thieves are criminals. Stealing does not mean taking goods only. Professional thieves can take it to the stage of new art and organize or publish it as a science to others also. Theft is a punishable offense if caught. The theft penalty can be different based on the nature of stealings. A thief can earn millions by stealing and it can be an excellent dealing if it is not caught later. There is no shortage of such thieves in our society but they are still very efficient, it is not easy to catch them. They will run like this until they are caught. So the old proverb is applicable all the time in society. What is your thinking?
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    I don't know much about the science involved in the theft. But to avoid stealing and to catch hold of thieves many scientific ways and instruments were designed and developed. But the most unfortunate issue is such designs are also stolen away by people from one place to another place.
    There are people who go for thefts to have money for their food and basic needs. But there are people who do stealing for accumulating crores of money. Such people will be in society as important people and catching them is very difficult as there are thieves in Law and order department also. Like this, we see many thieves enjoying their lives with plenty of money and respect in society. We can have sympathy on thieves who are going into that profession for making their living but we should not have any sympathy on the people who are stealing others money but still enjoying the respect and power in society.

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    The thieves are making merry now days with the delegations of their jobs to othe thieves and from each thief he would collect his commission and the collected amount is substantial enough to lead a dignified life. He might not be on the record of police, but they are really involved in such dirty games. These people are not thief unless caught red handed.

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    Can we call it science? I don't think so. It may be an art to steal something by avoiding vigilant eyes and it is true that many are involved in such acts but not everyone is an expert in that. I am sure some laws would be there if it was a science. The interesting thing is how to get hold of such thieves in our society. They are in various forms and active in almost every aspect and new ways are devised from time to time to catch them. Since it is not possible to catch such thieves all the time a better way may be to remain aware of the characteristics of the thieves so that we may avoid interaction with people having similar characteristics.

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    Thieves and criminals always find newer and newer ways to do the crimes so that the law cannot catch them. They will do everything to not get caught and will bribe the authorities, will hide for some time, go to foreign locations from where it is not possible to bring them back etc. In this world evil forces are very powerful and they know more than us in every matter connected to art of doing a crime and then after doing that completely erase the footprints. They are in fact professionals. Some of the hackers and virus creators have much more knowledge of coding than the highly qualified software engineers and that is where science comes in picture. When some highly qualified people land in negative territories and start doing all sort of evil things then the situation is very alarming and till they are caught by the authorities they would be ruling the world from their evil remote devices.
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