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    Children are getting addicted to online games

    Nowadays,most of the parents have complain about their child that they are addicted to online game. Children are so addicted that they are started to do crime in their house. There are many cases in news channel highlighting this problem. In some cases children are committing big crime in search of money as some online game are money based. Besides, 80 percent children play games during online class. Their addiction has increased upto this level that they want to do all activity by seeing online games. Their mental as well as physical development has much affected and they are getting irritated and stubborn. It is matter of concern for our society.
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    That is true. The lockdown and the pandemic added fuel to the fire.
    Online classes forced parents to give their children a smartphone or a tab or a Laptop or a desktop to the child to attend their classes. At the same time, the parents are busy with their own works and hence they are not able to have an eye on their kids. This is making kids play online games and watch various videos of useless stuff. This is creating all the problems.
    My granddaughter will not eat food unless otherwise, we start playing a rhyme on the TV. If TV is on, she will finish eating within a few minutes. Otherwise, the eating program will continue for an hour or so.
    We all should see that children will somehow part with these phones and online games so that they will not get into eye-related health problems. In addition to that they will not have unnecessary thoughts in their minds and they concentrate more on studies.

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    It is correct and at the same time, it is almost impossible nowadays to keep children away from smart mobile devices. I think the problem starts at the very beginning even before children start going to school. Parents use their mobile devices too much in front of their children and also hand them over to the children for some fun. Earlier, there were various types of toys to tame children, now also toys are there but handing over the mobile device to them may be far easier for the parents now because of two reasons. One is parents are always carrying their own mobile devices whereas for toys they need to fetch it from a place. The second is any smart mobile device has a lot of features which is enough to tame children. As long as you are not giving the smart devices to the children they do not know what they are but when they see it once they cannot leave it easily because of numerous features. To divert the attention of the children from smart mobile devices parents can think of setting some conditions for playing games, watching videos, etc. Moreover, parents need to spend quality time with their children which can be of some help. The problem is if you visit a family you will find every member is busy with their own device and do not have time for each other. In this situation, only blaming the children will not help.

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    Computer games are very addictive and frankly speaking not only children but we adults (at least some of us) are also addicted to it. It is so luring and satisfying for our feelings that we simply sink in it forgetting everything about our studies, job, or career. It is a deadly monster pleasing us but squeezing all our creative energies to null. We remain in that virtual world and come out of it like a defeated warrior.
    It is obvious that we have to refrain the children from this evil otherwise they will be a big loser in their practical lives and will always be eager to play these games and do nothing else. These addictions are big time eaters and will make ones life unimaginative and unproductive. Some business houses are introducing newer and newer games in the market to make money but our youngsters are spoiling their career only. It is high time that parents should take a call on this monster.

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    Yes. Children are more addicted to games. We do what we see and feel around. Today's fast-moving era needs mobile and smartphones. You cannot imagine a moment without mobile or electronic gadgets. We need it else we feel something is lagging or we can't perform the task easily or efficiently or timely. We need smartphones in today's fast life.
    Thus, children also take the phone from us and do the same. They do not have any use of mobile phones. They just play games! They do have not many contacts to whom they directly call or chat. They have the option of playing games. Today we can restrict them to a certain extent but cannot ban them. Normally the mother gives a mobile to a child when the child quarrels or mischiefs.

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    Yes, the children have been addicted to games though this is not true for all but still majority of such children are hooked to games. Their parents remain under impression that their children are engaged in online classes. These children are sometimes betray their parents diverting their attentions. They will sit to such places where their parents will not be accessible to them.
    Hence the guardians should be careful to ensure that their children are not entrapped in the games activities. Once they are addicted, they will call their friends to join in their games activities. This is a kind of vicious cycle and once they are addicted to play such games, they cannot leave it. The ultimate effect will be their disenchantments with their normal studies.

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    The author is perfectly right. Nowadays in order to read online classes many children are provided with android mobiles by parents and in some schools. In house also parents gave separate room for them, and not noticing them in the thought of children should make them free for their busy schedules. Children in the private room by own or by the guidance of other friends, start playing games in the mobile and by the way they got addicted more and more. Once their reaching of problem accumulating level the parents note this and put their hands on their head.

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