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    Time is of the essence

    We hear this phrase in many areas. Doing a task alone is not important. How quickly we did it and how perfectly we did it is also important. In many contract works, we see this phrase. They say that so and so work is to be completed by so and so date. Otherwise, the contractor will have to pay the penalty. These days we are seeing this phrase more in real estate contracts also.

    You may be a very good runner and you might have earned many awards earlier. But in any competition, you participate how fast you have completed the distance is important to stand in the first place. Distance is the same for all but time is of the essence. The person who finished faster than all the others will be the winner.

    Similarly, in any of our actions and tasks, time plays a very important role. Your thread for the month-end TOW contest on ISC may be very well written and deserves an award. But if you post a minute late also your post will not be considered for the award. Time is of the essence.

    If you are late by a minute also you may not be able to catch your train and your planned journey will get postponed. Like this, in our lives, time plays a very important role and we all should go with the time to be successful in our lives. Always keep a watch on your wristwatch and follow the timings for success in your life.

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    Time is the most important entity in our lives. If we do not respect it and do not use it properly it simply slips away never to return to us. Time is the essence of everything and whatever excellent work we do is of no value if we do not give value to the time associated with that activity. Experienced and prudent people know the value of time much and do not waste it. A novice will underestimate the time but an experienced person would tell beforehand that such a job would take at least so much time and not less than that. That is the beauty of the realistic estimation of the time and when it is done like that then every job or project would be completed in time and there will not be any gross mistake as such. So while taking up a task all the minute detailing is to be done including the element of time.
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    Time is an important parameter to be followed while doing any job and any slackness with respect to time will cost heavily to us. Of course, quality output is the demand of the organisation but if the time for the completion of the job is not maintained, it will be of no use. It is not the management who is not familiar with the timely delivery of the products. The management has to pay penalties to the Railways for the delayed deliveries. Even the customers might be irritated for the late arrival of the company products. The customers might cancel their contracts for their next time due to negligence of adherence to time.

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