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    Don’t compare with others as we are all unique

    We are living beings and we all have the same features such as two eyes, two ears, one nose, two hands, and so on. We live together in a family. Sometimes we have the same likes and dislikes. An actor goes popular because a large public follows them and a song goes popular because a lot of people love to hear it. Although despite all this, we all are unique. No one is like u. We all have some unique qualities. Everybody has different traits. They do, think and feel differently. No two people can do a task in the same way. Similarly, no two people think and feel alike.

    We all are unique biologically also. We have a unique set of DNA. Even the twin also has some different features. We have some inherent traits, talents and capabilities. The personalities of the two people are also different.

    People usually try to compare two individuals. It is important that we should try to understand one's qualities and capabilities and search for the special trait which makes him/her unique from others. Because we all are unique hence, it will be an injustice to compare two people. So, don't compare two individuals as we all are unique.

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    Even though the human body parts are the same in almost all cases, the appearance, height, weight and look will be different and each one of us is unique. We will not see a person who is similar to us. Even twins also will have some difference. Anyhow as mentioned by the author DNA will be unique to every person.
    Similarly the qualities and abilities of an individual in toto will be unique to an individual. It is not advisable to compare one with the other and belittle. Some may be very good at physics and the other may be good at mathematics. We can't say one person is great and the other is not.
    Nothings in this universe is a waste. Everything will have its own purpose. We should know the utility. Without knowing that comparing the same with the one we know and treating it as useless is not correct.

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    After reading this thread my thoughts went to my own personal experience in the recent past when I went to meet a MD of a company on some issue and his assistant came with a letter to give reply and the MD asked him to wait as he has to think and write. Since he is known to me I took liberty and drafted the reply at once. He was astonished. In another case, I met one print journalist who gathered a news but was wondering to give a suitable heading to be forwarded to his office. I took the liberty and suggested him two or three headings to which he was baffled. So what I mean to say that it is the interest and knowledge which goes hand in hand to create one step ahead than others and this wisdom was obtained over the course of years by moving with varied people and interaction with the peer groups.
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    Comparison done on a similar basis only gets good results. Just comparing with others is of no avail. Sometimes these comparisons bring unwanted effects on us because when we feel that some people have so many facilities while we are not having those luxuries then such feelings would make us sad and dull. Comparison would not help us in developing and progressing ourselves. Every person has some strengths and some weaknesses and from that angle everyone has a different personality. In such a situation comparing oneself with some other person arbitrarily would not be a correct thing.
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