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    What is special about being common?

    Usually, people wish to become uncommon as they feel it will give them more popularity. Yes, it indeed draws more importance. But, those who belong to the group of people with common attributes are not less than anyone. They have privileges and qualities that can draw some attention of others too.

    Let's see what is so remarkable about ordinary people:

    They do not make any fuss about anything. Such people are happy with what they get and never throw any tantrums.

    The people who are not uncommon are very friendly to others and can mingle with everyone, while people who are not ordinary try to keep a distance. The extraordinary people mix only with those who belong to their strata and maintain distance from others.

    People of a high standard are very competitive and always want the best for themselves. The common people know how to flock with others. They do not believe in supremacy and is happy with everyone's success.

    Money, influence, and position guide the people who have attained a high level in life, but ordinary men only believe in marching together. They do not suffer from loneliness while, finding solace is difficult for uncommon people.

    Thus, I feel an ordinary people are sweet and contented lot while extraordinary people are never contented. What do you say?

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    That is true. We should not think a common person is of no value. I agree with the author that being common is very good. A common man can adjust anywhere with available resources there. We need not make special arrangements for him if he visits our house. He will mingle with everybody and never create any hype.
    An uncommon person feels superior. He tries to show everybody his speciality so that he will get applause from all and he tries to maintain a distance from a common man.
    But there are people who are special but never behave as if they are special. They are down to earth persons and they live a very normal life. Such persons will get the appreciation of all. I had a relation who is a scholar in Telugu and wrote many books and obtained Sahitya academy awards. But he never presented himself as a big poet. He used to live a very simple life. Such people are very less.

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    By the way what is in life when leading to be a normal life without any zeal to know something and be content with what they achieved and earned. And what is the life to keep distance with the people as in these days we wants more friends and liker and that does not mean we want to talk with them always, but for consultancy and suggestions there must be some soul to listen and advice. The common man has the free way to mingle with all as there is no restrictions what so ever but even in common man there are some great achievers to which ever the high standard people get astonished. And a common man living in the hut has the nice sleep because he has no commitments, no engagements with others, no money to worry about being got theft, and more over he lives happily with what he earns and eat.
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    a very beautiful thread is given by the author about being an ordinary person. The truth is that some people's life is full of simplicity and they like themselves more in the simple form. Such people do not show off and they like to live the life which gives them self satisfaction from within and not the life that forgets themselves in the glowing part of the world. The virtues of ordinary people can be found in their every little behavior for which they do not even need to prove themselves, in fact, there are many people who may get more success than but still feel happy to be ordinary.

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