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    Why the color of the poverty said to be Red ?

    During 1980, the noted film director K Balachander has brought in mind blowing movie of those year in Tamil which says Varumayin neerum Sigappu, that means the color of the poverty is red. This title made everyone to think about and interpreted the same in different way in those days. Actually the director was right in saying as those who are confronting the poverty, they feel like their anger at the peak of their life and the eyes gets into red color and probably the director might have taken cue of this happening. Can the members interpret as to why the color of the poverty said to be Red ?

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    The book that communist leader Mao Zedong wrote about communism was called the "Red Book", a research analysis of the famous Jewish philosopher Karl Marx's doctrine, which gave the oppressed, deprived workers and hardworking people the dream of self-expression as the driving force of the state. This philosophy gave a chance to many young people to be proud of being anarchists and revolutionaries by worshiping the fierce murder style of youth. The revolution that arose in 1917, blindly believing the socialist Lelin to liberate Russia from the tyrannical Tsarist regime, was all about with the red flag. So the color red is usually used as a symbol of the struggle of the poor and oppressed. I think that's why the red color symbol is defined in the picture as poverty.
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    Dhruba your response indicates that red is the symbol of struggle and poverty coincides with it.
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    Red is an indication of revolution. But I don't know how this colour indicates poverty. Generally, communists use red colour more than other parties. The communist party is supposed to be the party for the welfare of the poor at least on paper. So their favourite red colour may be an indication of poverty.
    The poor people have to face many difficulties in their lives and for them even earning a livelihood is also very difficult. They will face more difficulties and they may be getting angry many times. Red is an indication of angry. This may be another reason to think that the red colour is for poverty.

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    Red book could be a source of this but there is already use of red in English language for lack of financial power. When a person becomes poor due to bankruptcy or due to any other setback in his life then it is said that he is gone under red. So that is the word 'red' used in connection with poverty only. Even for organisations or companies red is used when their bottom line shows losses and we say that company is in the red.
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