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    How to cope up with depressive times in our lives?

    We are living in an age of competition. Wherever we go and whatever career we pursue it requires a lot of hard work, struggle, and competing with the equally qualified people present all around us. It is obvious that in such a cut throat situation we would be meeting with setbacks, failures, and low times through the journey of our lives. The strong and courageous people absorb these shocks and continue their struggle for proceeding ahead smoothly but the weak and sensitive people get discouraged by such unfavourable happenings in their lives and depressive tendencies start to accumulate inside them which are detrimental for the growth of their personalities. Have you ever experienced such a phase in your life? How were you able to cope up with that? How can we in general cope up with the depressive times in our lives?

    This is my entry submitted on 29th December 2001 for forum post contest.
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    This is really an interesting thread posted by the author and this is absolutely correct that sometimes we become emotional and sensitive with some pinching or lewd remarks of others. It takes considerable time to normalise ourselves with such adverse circumstances. However it is not applicable for all sorts of peoples. There are some people who remain devoted to their tasks despite the low situation. They are more practical and reasonable and remain focused to achieve their targets already set.
    The fact is that we are harming ourselves with any irresponsible behaviours of others. The remaining work cannot be shared but is to be taken up ourselves. If we understand this logic, we would not have any distraction from our normal routine. It is quite possible that the man might have forgotten his rough behaviour and if he is a boss of some department, he would be busy with some other assignments forgetting his adverse comments he might have for us. Life should be a journey with the firm determination for undertaking the essential tasks.

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    Depression is an enemy of our progress. When the conditions are not good and when things are going against our wishes, it is common that we may get into depression. Once we get into that coming back to normalcy is very difficult and it requires a lot of effort. So we should believe in prevention is better than cure and we should try not to get into depression.
    Many times the expected results may not come and that may lead us to depression. To avoid this we should have a very strong and determined mindset. First of all, we should have a strong mind. When the results come we should analyse why it is not as expected. We should see where we went wrong and we should try to correct there and attempt again so that we will achieve the results we want next time at least. Living in past will make you more depressed. Forget the past, use it as an experience for the betterment and go ahead. In such a case there will not be any depression.

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    From my personal experience I want to share some tips to the author and others. That follow your mission of work and task and never expect overwhelming response from others. Here the intention is to keep ourselves not to expect to much recognition for the best work done. And when the work is going on smooth with decisive conformation to the asked tasks, then the remuneration and fees with pat would be forthcoming for sure. Here do not expect wind fall or something unique reward. Now your mind is very clear as to what would be the end results. Suppose you are adjudged as the best and even better than others. that is bonus for you and now cherish the present situation and even share with others. So be low and subdue in the initial stages of performance and our every move would make others to recognize and reward ultimately.
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    It is true that one has to be very strong to contain the depressive tendencies. One solution that comes to my mind is that one has to keep oneself engaged in some job big or small to wipe out the depressive forces from one's mind.
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    It is a fact of human life that time never stays the same, but the world runs away from this truth and believes that time can be stopped, when people in this way deceive themselves, then they are only at the time of depression. It is difficult to bear. The greatest gift of God to us is a simple and settled intellect, and this intellect teaches us to act wisely and wisely. Whether the time is good or bad when a person learns to balance himself, then the situation is largely under his control, so the simplest way to handle such a situation be calm and use wisdom.

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