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    Why are students tend to avoid admission in mechanical engineering since few years ?

    Engineering is one of the options for making a career and it is one of the first choices for professional courses after HSC. As per the recent trend of engineering admissions in the country, the students feel that there is less or no scope in mechanical engineering. Though there are exceptions in government engineering colleges, IITs,s, and NITs. Students feel that there are no jobs for us after mechanical engineering. Also, another factor that affects is a huge trend in computer and IT field. Computer engineering and IT engineering are first priorities when selecting a branch for admission in engineering.

    What are your views regarding this trend? What are the reasons behind very low admission in mechanical engineering and huge demand in computer/IT? Do you think that it is a lack of good teaching or infrastructure or low job demands in mechanical engineering particularly in private colleges?

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    For that matter any B tech courses has lost the sheen these days except the computer engineering which is more fetching. My sister son who has started his career with just B com and taken separate course on computer engineering has been doing extremely well in a reputed private company with Asst Manager post and only recently he changed to another company where his salary fixed was 21 lakh per annum which is great and we cannot expect a mechanical engineering student to earn that much in shortest possible time. The studies have become costly, and if the jobs are not fetching with right salaries, the asking and takers are very less and probably for this reason the Mechanical Engineering has no or nil preferring. More than the students it is parents deciding as to what to study after the intermediate course.
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    Yes, Agree with you Mohan sir. Today majority of the core companies prefer candidates with sound knowledge and having the basic concepts needed for doing that task. Because of more number of colleges and seats in mechanical engineering, private colleges recruited teachers who did not get job in the industry. They just come to teaching because of no place in the industry. This has created low-quality engineers from the college itself. This is the reason current mechanical engineering requirements are met by good candidates. This ultimately leaves many students without jobs after graduation. This cycle creates again jobless engineers and the reputation of mechanical engineering decreases day by day.
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    The pay scales for the engineering graduates in the IT industry are higher than what the general industry offers them. A CSE engineer who gets a job in an IT company may start with a 3 or 4 lakhs per annum package. But in other companies, an engineer will start his career with a package of 1.8 to 2,5 lakhs per annum. The working conditions are entirely different. In an IT company, a person can sit in an AC room and work on his system. But in the manufacturing and service industry, the nature of the job will be different. They have to work on the shop floor and if necessary they have to work on a machine also. They are not white colour jobs and they are blue colour jobs. Many youngsters never like such a working environment. That is why many engineers who did their mechanical or civil or electrical engineering also try for a job in the IT field.
    Mechanical Engineering is an evergreen subject and there will be jobs always for those engineers. But engineers are not interested in those jobs. This is making all the difference I feel.

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    The aspirants doing degree in Mech Engineering from a reputed engineering colleges don't lack talents but the situation is different. Offerings in this stream has at the lowest level leading to their frustrations in the event of selection of this stream. However, they should not forget that there are abundant jobs in the market at least in the IT fields. Hence they,too, can apply for the fresh system engineer with the demonstration of talents in both written and oral tests before the board of interview. Their own degree is not likely to impact in grabbing the jobs related to IT if they present themselves being smart in response and can satisfy the board with their alacrity which is needed for IT personnel. Though to get a job in other areas has been tough as of now, but for the talented ones, there is not such a barrier.

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    There was a time when many students had opted for mechanical engineering because mechanical engineers were required in so may industries. Subsequently based on the demand and supply status in our country the scope in many engineering discipline nosedived and then students started to move to IT and bio-technical sides. It is natural that students will try to opt for those subjects where job opportunities are more.
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