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    So many sorrows around the world where your suffering is so little, the proverb?

    Everyone wants to be happier but people often forget to laugh because of the complexities of their mental environment. People want to get all they want for happiness, running all day to get them and at the end of the day, they find emptiness and become disheartened. Because they are looking for the wrong things to be happy.
    If you can put a smile on the face of another, you will always have a smile on your present face. Listen to those who want to tell you something, even if you can't solve their problems, try to give them a little peace of mind. Look at those who look at your house every day and wonder if they had such a house. Look at those who are the worst sufferers in comparison to you and think what you have and be happy with that, only then you can find love, peace, and happiness because there are so deep sorrows people in the society in comparison to you.
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    The wise man are those who has the firm belief that sorrows and the troubled time do appear and vanish on its own and nothing is permanent. When we confront the sorrows never get perturbed and stay as stunned, instead look for ways and means to get out of the situation. Only yesterday I was watching a video wherein an archer who lost his right hand and yet could able to aim the dot with perfection and I felt ashamed that even by having a right hand with good energy nothing formidable could be done and achieved. This is the main example for this thread that we should not feel down and ashamed for having confronted with problems whereas others have very huge problems through which they are coping the life without any complaints or confrontations and they are the icons for to give the strength and energy.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    True sometimes we feel that we are only suffering a lot in this world and thinks that all others are very happy. But the other also feel that we are happy and he is only suffering. The weight of the article will be known to the person who is carrying it. The other people may not be able to assess the correct weight. So the problems you face will be bigger for you as you have to solve them. You may not feel such severity with the problems that are being faced by other people.
    If we can think about the issues that are being faced by the other people and if we come out with a possible solution we can see the other person feeling happy and definitely he will be thankful to us for our timely help. But how many of us will do that. We will always give priority to the problems we face even though they are not very big issues and that makes the difference.

    always confident

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    The problem with human beings is that they are never satisfied with what they have already achieved and yearn for more and more. They always compare themselves with the higher ups and rich ones and never see below themselves. They forget that in this world there are people who are not getting even food for two times meals. These people no doubt progress ahead and amass a good amount of wealth but unfortunately many of them are not happy. Money alone does not bring happiness. Being kind hearted and helpful to the needy might bring more happiness than a heap of money.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes. In one Tamil Cinema the heroine longing for betterment in life and expressed this to his husband, hero. The hero take her to the outside by window, he further told her, 'See that person who have no legs but you are longing for chapels, we should thank God for what he offered to us'.
    Similarly we should satisfy ourselves with what God has given to us and should never greedy for more as it would lead us to evil route. Many evil happenings are only because of this greediness and longing for more and more.
    One spiritual person told, when we go to operate our eyes it costs nearly minimum of forty thousand, for angioplasty we have to pay in lakhs. Similarly we have to put money for everything if we want to replace or correct. But we never thank God for He providing us with all such parts of body in a good condition.'

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