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    Put your learnings into practice

    We start learning from the time we were born on this earth and will continue learning till we reach our last destination. we learn from others by observing them or hearing them. We learn from our parents and teachers. Learning for the sake of learning is of no use. Practising our learnings only will give value to our life.

    We, as professionals, are constantly learning. The learning may be through reading an article or by attending a seminar or online classroom or by doing some research on our own. Our experience may enhance our skills and knowledge. But it is not enough to absorb information. Putting our learnings into practice only will complete the cycle. Without doing the latter, our learnings will go to waste.

    So one should have a strategy to implement their learnings. That will enhance our skills and we will derive benefits from our learnings.

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    Nice thread from the author and it implies that what we learn must be practiced. This holds good when we see so many lawyers not practising and wasting time on just watching the proceedings of court cases. Like wise those who have done teacher training they have to practice as a teacher otherwise there is no use. Like wise what ever we study must be put to our use Or helpful to someone.
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    There is a great relationship between theory and practicals and when one uses the learnings in practice then only this relationship is established. Acquiring knowledge is essential for our mental development but the real productivity is achieved only when that knowledge is put to practice. There is a story of a prince who was sent to the teacher for learning and he learned everything possible but when the king took his practical test, the prince failed miserably and then the king called upon the teacher to give him the practical experience also. Prince learned that aspect and then only became worthy of becoming the next king.
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    Learning is a very good thing, but while learning, we do not have to keep that knowledge just by storing it, but we should keep looking at the opportunity when we can use our learnings or experiences, etc. in our real life. No matter how hard a plan is made, but it cannot be successful unless it is implemented in the right way, in the right way, on the right, and among the right people. I appreciate the author bringing this thread for discussion, as in this forum section we all also learning from each other and we should definitely implement them.

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    Learning has to be with the right implementation. Knowledge or learning is nothing without practical application. One must learn to implement. Do not enroll for the courses or other online certificate courses from MOOC or open sources if you are not going to implement that knowledge.
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    The author is totally correct. Our spiritual Guru used to tell this in all his preaching. He tells the practicing whatever we learn only can help us to get full results. He used to cite example of reading a cookery book. Mere reading a cookery book we cannot satisfy our hungry but we quench our hungry only if we prepare food according the specifications mentioned in the book and if we eat that only our hungry will get quenched. Similarly one cannot reach a destination by merely seeing the Railway Time Table but can reach the destination only by getting a ticket in the trains mentioned and board in the train only.

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    We store things for our future use but if we do not use them later there is no point in storing them. We learn things to quench the thirst for learning and the learning becomes useful when we apply them in the required place. We have learnt many things since our childhood but remember only those things which we use constantly. Application of any knowledge sharpens our skills and practise is a must to know things in a better way. I think knowledge is not complete without its application.

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