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    Are money and love similar?

    The power of money and love is similar. The eyebrows get raised when the strength of 'money' and 'love' is termed to be equal. It's a fact so, money and love both need to be utilised or showered judiciously. Any of the two, if applied limitlessly, can be misused and mishandled at any time.

    Unlimited money plays a spoiler in many cases. Usually, wealthy beings use their money to bribe others for personal benefit. Even many of them display their richness to be in the limelight. Some use their riches for demeaning someone and for many other selfish motives. Like money power, the power of love gets used for personal benefit. Love is powerful in blackmailing others. Blind love fails to differentiate between right and wrong, and it's a weakness.

    Thus, people claim that love is pure and money is savage. It's not true. Both have their positives and negatives. The power of love and money can be dangerous or beneficial, so everyone must respectably use both.

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    Loving too much a person blindly may make the person careless and may take us lightly. He may think that he can convince us easily. So we should love people but it should have its limits. We should show our love judiciously and see that we will not pamper anybody. Some parents love their children too much and pamper them. Such children may get spoiled in their lives may face difficulties in their later life.
    Similarly, too much money also plays a negative role. If we work hard and earn money, we will understand the value of money and we will be judicious in spending the same. But when we get easy money from our ancestors, we will be proud and behave as if we have come from heaven. That proudness will ultimately make us suffer a lot. When we don't know the value of the money we will use it for all wrong purposes and that will spoil our lives.
    So both have good and bad and the user should use them judiciously.

    always confident

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    Money and love these are two powerful weapons in the hand of a person and these can be used by him for a variety of purposes for getting the required result in the desired direction. One can definitely get a person as servant by paying salary or money to him. At the same time one can also win the heart of that person by behaving properly and giving him a kind treatment. So both these entities called money and love have their own power in different circumstances and situations. Both of them are powerful and only the perspective of using them changes. They are not similar but in certain situations they can both be used to get the same result.
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    In the present day love, love and money are similar to the railway track. Both Love and Money go together but the gap should be correctly maintained otherwise disaster will come as if derailment. By seeing cinemas one can come to think that the love between lovers initially comes blindly without seeing money, caste, color but if the love finds any deviation in the three, it comes to the level of quarrels. During love, both males and females will not talk about the above three but talk or dream about something new as if they are living in a different world. But once it reaches the marriage, first money plays its role as a villain. If the lovers tackled that villain wisely the love stays forever.

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    I do agree with the author that money and love are similar when it comes to usage of same and then forget. Those who have money they have the tendency to attract others, spend on them, enjoy the day and forget. But the other person thinks that the love was pure and can be sustained. But it is otherwise, as those who have the money are now fallen to taste of different love making during their life and thus they want to enjoy with different people on which they spend money which is no hindering process. So next time when someone flaunts with costly bike do not carried away by the fact that he was rich and one can have gala time moving around. And do not be in apprehension that one who has spent today would come back to us tomorrow, because his target is over and keep hopping to other preys and this is reality.
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